TTG increased: what does it mean?

December 1, 2014
TTG increased: what does it mean?

Many people who, as a result of a blood test, get the result of "elevated TSH", begin to worry about their condition, because they do not know what it means and whether it is worth contacting a specialist in this field. Next, we will explain why TSH is elevated, what it means, and what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.

What is a TTG and why is it needed?

TSH is a thyroid-stimulating hormone that is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. This hormone plays a major role for the activity of the thyroid gland, it affects the production of its hormones - triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxin (T4), which, in turn, are necessary for the growth and development of the body, protein synthesis, metabolism regulation and energy metabolism .

Causes and effects of elevated TSH

The reasons for the increase in TSH may be different:

  • Removal of the gallbladder;
  • Hemodialysis;
  • Thyroid hormone insensitivity;
  • Reception of iodides, neuroleptics, adrenoblockers, prednisolone;
  • Lead poisoning;
  • Stress, great physical exertion;
  • Adrenal insufficiency;
  • Inflammation of the thyroid gland;
  • Various tumors;
  • Mental and somatic diseases, etc.

Elevated TSH can lead to hypothyroidism. This disease affects the increase in cholesterol in the blood, which leads to the appearance of overweight. Also, hypothyroidism can lead to impotence in men, disruption of the menstrual cycle and infertility in women.

What to do if TSH is elevated?

It is necessary to find out the true reason for the increase in TSH and to normalize its level. Without medical care is not enough. You must do the following:

  • Undergo a full medical examination;
  • Refer to the endocrinologist for a more detailed examination;
  • You may have to do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, to pass a blood test for ATPO, ATTG.

After examination, the doctor will identify the cause of elevated TSH and prescribe an individual treatment. Usually, to normalize the level of TSH, small doses of thyroxine are prescribed, which are gradually increased.

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