Try using wine in one of the original ways. You will never have to regret that the bottle could not be finished

There are several reasons why there might be too much wine left in your home. Maybe your company has not calculated strength, and bought too much alcohol. Perhaps the taste or smell of the wine disappointed you after the bottle was opened. Drink should not be simply stored in the refrigerator - its taste will spoil. Try to use the wine in one of the original ways, which are described below, and you will never again have to regret that you could not finish the bottle.

Skin moisturizing

Antioxidants, which are rich in red wine, can provide an invaluable service to your skin.Use the leftover alcohol as a tonic, rubbing the skin in the morning and evening. If you do not want to store wine on the dressing table, pour the rest of the drink into a hot bath.

Cleaning vegetables

If the farmer's fruits and vegetables are easy to clean, then those that sell in the supermarket can have many bacteria and harmful chemicals. The remains of the wine perfectly cope with their removal.

Make a home wiper

White wine turns sour, becomes an excellent means for cleaning glasses. Add it to the sprinkler and use it when cleaning windows and mirrors. The remains are wiped with a piece of crumpled newspaper.

Remove white wine stains from red

The stain of red wine on a white carpet may seem like a tragedy of a local scale. Do not despair, fill this spot with white wine. After that, the stain will remain wet with a napkin and clean the carpet. As the saying goes, wedge wedge ...

Marinate the steak

Such a marinade will not only make the meat more juicy and tasty, but will also save it from the formation of carcinogenic substances that are released during frying. Such a dish is very useful, so when you are going to fry meat, do not forget to drop by the store for a bottle of wine!

Defeat heartburn

White wine is more likely to help here. If red contains a large amount of acid, then in white it is sometimes possible to find natural compounds of soda. Pick the right grade and get rid of the unpleasant disease.

Slow down the aging process

This advice, rather, concerns a good wine, not its remnants, but still ... It is again about antioxidants. They help the body to keep youth and freshness longer. Do not give up one drink in a good company once a week.

Dye the fabric

The ability of red wine to leave on clothing indelible stains can be used to their advantage. Bring wine to a boil and put in it an old yellowed shirt or blouse made from natural fabrics. Give the wine a little puff, stirring clothes with a wooden spoon or forceps. Turn off the stove and allow the wine to cool.

Frozen wine in ice forms

Excellent alternative to storing leftover wine in the fridge. So all the beneficial substances will remain. Add such cubes to sauces, or even to a new glass of wine to cool it.

Disinfect kitchen surfaces

Alcohol and acid will cope with fat spots perfectly. But do not use red or sweet wine for these purposes, only white dry will do. Clean plastic and metal surfaces this way. But granite acid is contraindicated!

Fly trap

Not only people love the aromatic red wine. Flies too delighted with him. Use this to get rid of annoying insects. Pour some wine into the jar and cover it with cling film. In this improvised cover, make several small holes. Flies will crawl into the jar, wanting to treat themselves to a drink, but they can't get back.

Prepare wine jelly

An interesting dessert for wine lovers. Instructions can be found on the gelatin pack. Instead of berry juice or juice, use red wine. Note that such a dessert is contraindicated for those who are going to get behind the wheel!

Prepare a delicious sauce

If you opened a bottle of wine, but you didn’t like it, boil it on a slower gas. Add some tomato paste, onions and a cup of broth. Sauce perfectly complement meat and vegetable dishes.

Turn the wine into vinegar

Wine can turn sour and their own.But if you need wine vinegar, you can speed up the process a bit. Pour the wine into a glass jar, and add half a glass of white vinegar. Close the can of canvas and cover a few minutes every day. After the liquid becomes clear, vinegar can be used.

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