Top 7 Popular Cocktail Products

Grape Cocktail
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Grapes containing resveratrol, the most beneficial effect on the body: inhibits inflammatory processes in the body, improves the cardiovascular system, has anti-radical properties, helps to cope with stress, and also helps to combat age-related skin changes.

Grape Sprite


Red Grape Juice - 100 ml

Blackcurrant syrup - 10 ml

Sprite - 100 ml

Red grapes - 5 berries

Lime - 0.5 pcs.

Mint - 1 sprig

Ice cubes

Cooking method

Pour syrup, grape juice, lime juice in a shaker, add ice and mix everything thoroughly.

Prepare a glass sling, pour the resulting drink through the strainer, top up the sprite and gently stir with a cocktail spoon. Add a few mint leaves.

Put some grapes on a skewer and decorate a cocktail.

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