Top 10 Tips to Accelerate Hair Growth

Many girls dream of beautiful, thick and long hair. But if nature has not rewarded you, then it is worth trying to improve the situation. And if you follow some rules, you can significantly accelerate hair growth and make them healthy and attractive.

We offer top 10 tips for improving hair growth:

1. Protection. If the hair is not protected, it will lose strength, weaken and almost cease to grow. That's why it's so important to provide full protection. It includes several aspects.

  • Firstly, you should wear headgear, both in winter and in summer, because the hair follicles and the structure of the curls are adversely affected by frost, wind, snow, and direct sunlight.
  • Secondly, protect the hair roots. For example, they have an extremely negative impact of stiff hairstyles, rough combing, the use of forceps and rectifiers. Therefore, treat the locks as carefully as possible and protect them, and they will answer you with gratitude and normal growth.
  • Third, minimize the number of harmful procedures, such as dyeing, curling, straightening and drying.

2. Quality tools. Choose means of proven brands and lines and pay special attention to the composition. If you find a completely natural remedy, it will be perfect, but there are few such products on sale.

In any case, the composition should not include various preservatives, emulsifiers, parabens, as well as a large number of silicones, since they form a film on the surface of the hair and scalp, which prevents the normal breathing process and the necessary amount of oxygen.

3. Correct and suitable means. It is not enough to find a proven and well-established brand or line of funds. It is much more important to find something that really suits you, because incorrectly selected means can greatly harm: worsen the nutrition of the hair follicles, disrupt the functioning of the sebaceous glands and thereby clog pores and reduce the amount of oxygen coming through the skin to the bulbs and roots.

When selecting funds, consider the type of your hair. In order not to miscalculate and not spend money in vain, purchase a small bottle or ask the store for a sample, evaluate the effect, and only then buy a large package.How to understand that the remedy came up? Just look at your curls and feel them.

4. Power. Yes, our hair needs nutrition, and they get it more from the body. And all useful and nutrients come to an organism with food therefore the healthy nutrition will help to accelerate growth.

The diet should contain foods rich in protein, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins C, A and group B, as well as other minerals, vitamins and elements. The list of products that accelerate hair growth includes the following: eggs, red fish, dairy and dairy products, nuts, legumes, carrots, red meat, liver, seafood, cabbage and green vegetables, oatmeal, bananas and apples.

5. Vitamin preparations and dietary supplements. Getting all the nutrients in the required amount of food is quite difficult, especially in winter and spring. And so to maintain healthy hair, you can start taking vitamins or dietary supplements.

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Get special vitamins or dietary supplements for hair that contain everything that is required for normal growth. The most effective drugs such as "Doppelgerts Active for healthy hair and nails", "Inne", "Special pills Mertz", "Vitrum Beauty", "Komplivit Shining", "Pantovigar", "Perfectil",Revalid, Vitasharm and others.

6. Massage. Yes, such a seemingly simple procedure will help to noticeably improve the blood supply of the hair follicles and their nourishment, due to which growth will certainly accelerate. You can massage with your fingertips, producing circular, active, but not too rough movements.

You can also use special massagers: both mechanical, hand-actuated, and electric, powered from the network or from batteries. You can also use a massage brush and drive it over the surface of the scalp.

7. Proper shampooing. Some wash their hair wrong and thus slow down hair growth and worsen their condition. There are several important rules.

  • First, you should not wash your head more than two or four times a week, so you will wash off the protective layer from your hair and scalp and make them vulnerable and subject to negative influences.
  • Secondly, during the wash, perform massaging movements to improve blood circulation in the root zone.
  • Third, do not wash your head with too hot water, it can dry the scalp and damage your hair. Water should be warm.
  • Fourth, take a contrast shower, this procedure will also improve the blood supply to the follicles.

8. Masks. The mask is considered one of the most effective means, because the active composition is usually located on the scalp and hair for a long time, so that the active components have time to reach the goal. The most effective and beneficial components for hair growth are brewer's yeast, castor and burdock oils, raw eggs, honey, onions, and red pepper.

To increase the effectiveness of the masks, apply them on the scalp with massaging movements, and after applying, wrap the head with a bag and wrap it with a towel or blanket (this will ensure the warming effect and increase the penetration rate of the active components under the skin and into the hair structure).

9. Herbs to help. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used herbal teas and could boast gorgeous hair. The most useful plants used for making decoctions are nettle, burdock, calendula, hop, ivy, parsley, yarrow, aloe, coltsfoot, sage.

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To prepare the broth, pour 1-2 tablespoons of raw materials (dry or fresh herbs) with a glass of boiling water,put the container on the fire and boil the liquid for 20-30 minutes, then cool, strain and use to wash or rinse the head.

10. No bad habits!Smoking, use of alcohol and harmful products extremely negatively affect the condition of the hair and follicles. So quit smoking, reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, give up harmful food.

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is also harmful. Move as much as possible to speed up metabolic processes, improve the functioning of all systems and organs, and normalize blood circulation. Lead an active and healthy lifestyle, and your hair will become strong and attractive.

These were helpful tips to speed hair growth.

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