Top 10 tips on how to choose the right wardrobe

Buying furniture involves its long-term continued use, so it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection process. Sliding wardrobes have many features that need to be considered when buying. With their help, you can visually enlarge the room, make it spacious, lighter, use free corners for storing things.

If finding a model that is suitable for all parameters is hard, you can always buy it on an individual project.

1. Think carefully about the place

The advantage of the closet is the possibility of embedding in niches, use instead of the side walls of the walls of the room and so on. This makes it possible to have furniture in any convenient place in the house. Therefore, you need to think about where the cabinet will perform its functions with maximum efficiency, maybe it will successfully fit into the situation of a hidden room.

2.Decide on the appointment

Depending on the items saved, the design features, the number and size of the shelves will vary. For the storage of outer clothing and footwear enough hangers and shelves. To accommodate other clothes you will need a lot of drawers, for bedding - large shelves. When storing in a vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, toys, additional compartments may be needed.

3. Consider a possible change in the situation

If you first purchase furniture, and then make repairs and change the interior of the room, the wardrobe may not fit into it and may need to be moved. This threatens with the fact that it will not fit in size in a new place. There are many ways to change the interior cheaply and tastefully, the most original ones are presented here

4. Door selection

Sliding systems are of different types, the main thing that they have sufficient quality to withstand loads. Pay attention to the material from which the fasteners are made.

Metal products have the strength and durability. There should be no squeaks when sliding the doors.The wheels should move freely, not stick.

5. Guide Arrangement

The guides at the top of the door are more convenient to use, because the bottoms are faster to contaminate and require constant monitoring and care.

6. What are the wheels made of

The metal system of sliding doors with plastic wheels will not last for a long time, because they will quickly break. Only strong metal wheels are suitable for continuous use.

7. Chipboard panel thickness

It varies by manufacturer. In Europe, the standard is the chipboard panel with a thickness of 18 millimeters. It depends on the final cost of furniture and its strength.

8. Determining the appropriate distance between the shelves

The height of the shelves depends primarily on the things placed. The standard is considered to be 32-40 cm, but for each this indicator is individual. When choosing a distance, you should decide on the number of things to be placed.

9. Suitable door height

They should not be more than 2.6 meters in height, which allows them during the opening not to fall out of the grooves. If there is a lot of extra space above the wardrobe, it is better to increase the functionality by adding a mezzanine.

10. Cabinet depth with doors

When choosing dimensions, consider the fact that the doors occupy a certain part of the space inside (up to about 10 cm).

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