Top 10 interesting movies about racing and cars

Speed ​​is always connected with adrenaline, and so many like it so much. Probably, that's why a lot of films about races were filmed. But among them there are those that really deserve attention.

Top 10 best movies about car racing:

  1. "Michel Vaillant: the thirst for speed". Michel Vaillant is famous and has repeatedly won the most famous races. The team of riders under the name "Vaillant" must take part in the competitions. To this race are also prepared long-time rivals - racing team "Leader". They understand that the chances of winning are small, so they are trying to prevent the participants from "Valyan". But they are determined, so rivals have to go to extreme measures - to kidnap Michel's father. The guy understands that at stake is not only an important victory, but also the life of a loved one. How to be: save your father and lose or win and blame yourself for the rest of your life? Valyan finds another solution, but it will be incredibly difficult to realize his plans.
  2. "Race"- the film is not so much about racing as about the strength of will and stamina of one racer. Events unfold in the 70s of the last century, at the time of the peak popularity of Formula 1. Two longtime and sworn enemies must take part in the next race. One of them - the current world champion Austrian Nick Lauda, ​​the other - no less famous and dreaming about the victory of James Hunt. The perfectionist and the real genius of the mechanics of Lauda brought himself to the limit of possibilities, but was forced to for a while pull away from the race, because in some of the competitions he got into a serious accident and almost died. His face is scarred by burns, but they have not shaken the strength of character and will. Although the opponent is stronger, Nick decides to fight him and win by any means.
  3. “Need for Speed: Need for Speed”. Toby Marshall is an ingenious auto mechanic who since childhood loves everything related to cars and speed. He is engaged in tuning cars and sometimes participates in illegal street racing. But because of the debts, the auto repair shop Toby may close. To preserve the family business, Marshall agrees to work with the arrogant and ambitious racer Dino Brewster.Toby's affairs are finally beginning to improve, but suddenly the partner is setting him up, accusing him of murder. As a result, Marshall is in prison. After his release, the guy is obsessed with one thought - revenge on Dino. He chooses not the easiest way, but from this revenge becomes even more sweet and desirable.
  4. "Fast and the Furious". In the top you can include all parts of the film. In the first, police officer Brian O'Connor must infiltrate the gang of the famous street rider Dominic Torrent, suspected of robbing trucks with household appliances. He manages to earn the trust of the leader and even become his close friend, but he still has to fulfill the task. And it's getting harder and harder, because friendship is dear to Brian, and the race is what he secretly dreamed all his life. In addition, Dominic may be innocent. In other parts of the gang, Dominic is always at the center of events, and he himself has to fight with dangerous enemies and protect friends.
  5. "Deadly race"- fantastic action movie. The world experienced a severe economic crisis, which led to total unemployment. The crime rate jumped sharply, life became dangerous.Prisons are fully self-sufficient. In one of them, director Hennessey is in charge, who arranges races among the prisoners. The winner gets the most expensive - freedom. And such races are so fascinating, spectacular and dangerous that they are broadcast on television. In one of them the star dies - the racer named Frankenstein. Hennessy understands that death can greatly affect his income, so she decides to deceive. He proposes instead of Frankenstein to become a member of Jacen Ames, a former race driver. And that will not manage the usual racing race car, but a real monster on wheels.
  6. "Ricky Bobby: King of the Road". Ricky Bobby is a real car racing star. Since childhood, he was attracted by the speed. He took part in all world races and always sought to win at any cost, for which he was recognized as a national hero. His partner and friend Cal Naughton is also a racer. Friends have always occupied first places, for which they received the nicknames Thunder and Lightning. But one fine day the two stars were challenged by the young and very promising Formula 1 driver Jean Girard. Cal and Ricky, of course, could not refuse,after all, their honor and dignity are at stake. But the race will not be easy. Bobby will have to fight not only with a serious rival, but also with himself. And it is unclear what kind of struggle will be most difficult.
  7. "Senna"- A documentary about the legendary Formula 1 racer, Ayrton Senna. He began his career in 1984 and tragically completed it ten years later. For the first time, Aytron sat behind the wheel of a car at the age of 4, and at 13 took part in a karting competition. And for the ability to keep control and make dangerous overtaking in rainy weather, Senna was nicknamed the Rain Man. It also describes Senna's rivalry with a no less promising French racer, who had the title of champion, Alain Prost. The film uses archived videos, comments from friends and relatives of Aytron.
  8. "Torque"- A criminal thriller about a professional biker and racer Carey Ford. He returns to his hometown and realizes that there he is not at all happy. In addition, he is considered guilty of a crime he did not commit. And the leader of the local biker group Henry, who wants to get back what Ford took, is also very angry at Carey.And it was he who killed the younger brother of the leader of the local gang. In the end, Keri is being hunted by the police, angry Henry, and also led by revenge Trey - the leader of the gangster group, whose brother was allegedly killed by the hero. But Ford does not want to give up. And to help him will be cool sports bike. Spectators will see a lot of spectacular races.
  9. "Bikers". In a very special world of bikers have their own legends. And one of them is the famous motorcycle racer Smokey, who is better known by the nickname King Kali. During the day, he manages a motorcycle club, and at night he turns into a real rebel, taking part in illegal races and always winning a victory. But this does not suit the guy who decides to dethrone Smoke from his throne and avenge the death of his father, who died tragically under the wheels of King Kali's bike. A young but ambitious biker decided to call a more experienced enemy to a duel race, but he refused, considering the opponent not sufficiently experienced. And then Kid decided to organize his own gang of bikers who are ready to do anything to win and prove that they are capable of much.
  10. "Crazy Racing". A young racing lover and college graduate made a choice that changed her whole life. She bought an old Volkswagen "Beetle". But this car is not quite normal.Inside it lives a soul that dreams of adventures, adventures and victories in races. And when Maggie Peyton gets behind the wheel, the car at a breakneck speed rushes her along the road. The girl understands that she can fulfill her old dream and take part in popular races. But father Maggie, who is also a racer, does not approve of this venture. Yet the desire of "Beetle" and the young Peyton strengthen the faith of the couple in themselves. Of course, not everything works out smoothly, but the dream is so close!

These were the most popular and interesting films about races.

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