Top 10 interesting movies about fashion

Despite the fact that not every person can ascribe himself with confidence to the fashion industry, he still, in one way or another, touches it.

The theme of fashion and everything connected with it periodically slips into the film industry, since to leave such an important segment of art ignored would be a crime. During the existence of cinema, a huge number of films about fashion have been made, but only a few of the existing ones deserve attention, both from avid mods and from ordinary people.

We decided to prepare a small list of films that are worth seeing not only because of the bright pictures, fashion shows and the abundance of clothes, shoes and handbags. These films deserve attention also because they are rich in beautiful plot, colorful characters, talented actors and amazing stories. So, enjoy your viewing!

1. "Breakfast at Tiffany", 1961, USA.

Opens our top 10 films about fashion film, which has long been a legend of world cinema, and, despite its venerable age, still excites the minds of many movie fans and fashion fans.

Amazing woman

The main character is a charming adventurer Holly Golightly, who turns heads to millionaires, lives alone, is always charming and charming, and at the same time, she simply adores adornments from Tiffany, who, however, can not afford it.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

An easy, creative and carefree nature, which spends all her life searching for herself and a better life, can not help attracting the viewer's eyes. The whole process is successfully mixed with beautiful and refined outfits, which constantly changes Holly, and the legendary image of a small black dress with a pearl thread and mouthpiece in hand, and is still attributed to the world style icons.

2. “The Devil Wears Prada”, 2006, USA.

Far from every young girl, no matter how smart she is, strong, educated and purposeful, gets such an opportunity to become an assistant to the editor-in-chief of the famous glossy Vogue edition.

Devil wears prada

The main character, whose role is performed by the beautiful Anne Hathaway, still managed to fulfill her dream, having got into the world of fashion, style, beauty and grace, though she does not know what difficulties she will have to face there.

Shot of the Devil Wears Prada

The editor-in-chief, the real devil in a skirt, makes the life of a young assistant unbearable in the literal sense, but Miranada, Anne's character, does not despair and goes to her goal.The main characters, day by day prettier, appearing in expensive and chic dresses from Chanel, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, Valentino and, of course, Prada.

3. "Funny little face", 1957, USA.

Starring Audrey Hepburn, the Parisian spirit, recklessness and easy plot are the foundations of a successful, fascinating and inspiring motion picture that everyone can advise.

Funny face

The main character, a naive and cute saleswoman from a bookstore, by happy coincidence becomes the face, or rather, the "attractive face" of one of the fashion magazines of the time. Another story about Cinderella is cute, touching and very funny, which is accompanied by singing and dancing, as well as stylish and charming outfits of the main characters.

4. “Coco do Chanel”, 2009, France, Belgium.

The biographical film, which is rightfully included in the list of the best films about fashion, tells of a small but strong and proud woman who has traveled a difficult path from an orphan child to a purposeful and sophisticated icon of style and fashion.

Coco Chanel

This work of cinema, in which you will not see a surge of feelings and romance, but you will learn how great Coco Chanel achieved success in life.You will get acquainted with the history of the formation of her fashion house, as well as learn about the growth and formation of a strong, somewhere even gloomy, but very talented personality.

5. "Gia", 1998, the USA.

A film based on real life events of the world famous model Jia Marie Karanji. In the late 70's, this girl was called the queen of the catwalks, before that she worked as an ordinary dishwasher in a cheap cafe.

Bright, young, beautiful, with a complex and rebellious character, Gia quickly conquered most designers and editors of the world of Haute Couture.


But her unstable emotional state, drug dependence, which she can not cope with, and complicated and intricate relationships on her personal front, pour out a favorable reality for her.

6. “Valentino: the last emperor”, 2008, the USA.

A documentary film about the world of fashion that reveals the veil over the world of the famous creator and, perhaps, the most famous and sought-after designer of the last two centuries, Valentino Garavani.


The material for the film was collected for several years, as a result of which a beautiful, stylish and very true story about the work of Valentin turned out.his personal life and, in particular, his relationship with his beloved Giancarlo.

7. "Sex and the City", 2008, USA.

The continuation of the world famous series about fashion, love and women's weaknesses, tells the story of the life of 4 main characters, who are crazy about New York, men and, of course, high fashion.

Sex and the City

The names of famous brands and designers are common throughout the entire film, but at the same time, the film is filled with a sparkling storyline, simple and sincere women's weekdays, fun, places, sad and difficult, in general, everything is like in life. It makes no sense to try to describe one of the most popular films and series about the fashion of the XXI century, you need to watch it!

8. “Finished dress”, 1994, USA.

A whole galaxy of world stars gathered in one work and skillfully recreates the viewer all the fuss, confusion, a bunch of intrigues and passions that swarm before the beginning of the high fashion week in Paris.

Ready dress

Wow event! Millionaires, actors, models and great women of fashion gathered here in one place, can they get through this event calmly? Never!

9. "Enlargement", 1966, UK, Italy, USA.

The story tells of a young and talented London photographer who becomes an unwitting participant in some confusing and incomprehensible criminal story.

Photo magnification

He accidentally shoots a couple who are interested in him, which, at first glance, through romantic relationships gives out something mysterious, the events and plot unfold, but to understand something, like it was very difficult at first. And the truth can be seen only in highly enlarged frames ...

10. “September Number”, 2009, USA.

A documentary film that tells about the creation of the thickest and weightiest September issue of Vogue, which broke its own records, and became the release of 840 pages!

September number

The real Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief, often appears and tells about the history of the creation of such a miracle, as well as all the difficulties and tricks that one has to go through in order not to get lost in the vast world of High Fashion and Beauty.

Enjoy these interesting movies!

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