Top 10 Interesting Films with Brad Pit

Today, every woman on the planet knows about who Brad Pitt is, and every man, perhaps, too, because this is one of the most beloved, popular and rich actors in the entire Hollywood sky.

But once upon a time, a cute and young kid worked part time as a waiter, a loader and even a barker at a local cafe, just to get some money for existence. Despite the fact that young Brad got a reporter profession, he always dreamed about the world of cinema, so he went to conquer Los Angeles at the age of 20.

Famous actor

At first, in the spirit of classical Hollywood, the young and inexperienced actor had to intervene on insignificant and unpretentious roles in second-rate serials, but perseverance and talent did their job, and in 1991 Brad gets his first serious role in Thelma and Louise.

Since then, began a stormy and fruitful career of a wonderful actor who gave the world a lot of interesting and fascinating films. Today we will present to your attention the top 10 best films of Brad Pitt,who conquered the whole world and helped the actor get the title of "the most talented and sexy."

Interview with the Vampire, 1994.

After the first success in "Telma and Louise", Pitt got the role of a "humane" and even slightly melancholic vampire, tormented by his own thoughts and views on life. Once he was a young planter, but lost his family, and he himself, under mysterious circumstances, is reborn as a vampire.

Interview with a Vampire

The vampire Louis comes to tell a journalist about his strange story, who will not miss his chance to create another sensation. But after listening to the whole story, the journalist decides that he wants to become the same as Louis, here the whole story begins.

In the film, a galaxy of actors already known at that time appeared - Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise and the very young Kirsten Dunst as a child vampire. As a result of fruitful cooperation, the film with a budget of $ 60 million collected in the world box office almost 4 times more, and Pitt got two statuettes of MTV Movie Awards. Since then, "Interview with the Vampire" is attributed to the classics of cinema of a similar genre, the film itself is very fond of among the ordinary viewer.

"Seven", 1995.

In this not very standard thriller, Brad Pitt played one of two detectives who were investigating the case of the killer, John Doe. The latter imagines himself to be "God" and punishes "little people" who violated one of the seven deadly sins, and the punishments always looked like refined and bloodthirsty murders.


The latest victim of the maniac is the character of Brad Pitt, who falls on a hook and, in a fit of anger, kills the murderer, who has already surrendered to the mercy of justice.

The gloomy ending that the director insisted on was strongly supported by Pitt himself, and didn’t even want to appear in promo films if the final had been changed. But the “Seven” really had an alternative, more heroic and triumphant, end.

As a result, the picture in the world box office collected 10 times more than the original budget, was praised by film critics, and left a deep imprint in the soul of everyone who has ever looked at it.

“Seven years in Tibet”, 1997.

The film tells the story of a young officer, Heinrich Harrer, who had everything: fame, success, beauty and family.But can an ambitious person stop there? Earthly fame was not enough for him, so he goes to conquer the most impregnable peak in the Himalayas, leaving his pregnant wife at home, hoping to perpetuate his own name.

Seven years in Tibet

But everything will go wrong, as we would like: an enemy captivity, long wanderings that will lead him to the mysterious and mysterious city of Tibet. Here he will spend the whole seven years of his life, overcoming events that will change him forever. This film is worth seeing to all lovers of good and high-quality cinema, because there is a place for deep thought, beautiful landscapes, and, naturally, a good play of pleasant actors.

"Meet Joe Black," 1998.

Mystical drama in which Brad Pitt will play the role of Death itself, which appears before the audience in the role of a charming man named Joe Black.

Meet Joe Black

With the help of one of his future victims, Black decides to spend a “vacation” in the world of the living, tired of his usual duties and habits. Seductive, mysterious and eccentric young man begins his journey, but on his way there are unforeseen circumstances that have developed into a dizzying and delightful film.

"Fight Club", 1999.

Another motion picture that has become a cult among fans of this genre, based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palannik. Character Pitt appeared before the audience a very unusual personality, which is characterized by a complex character and serious mental disabilities.

Fight club

According to film critics, “Fight Club” is one of the most controversial films in the past few decades, which is really worth seeing to put together your idea of ​​what is happening.

Ocean's Eleven, 2001.

This is the first part of the famous franchise, which in total has collected about 1 billion 125 million dollars in the world box office.

Ocean's Eleven

After the release of an impressive thriller, which again gathered the very significant names of Hollywood - George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon - Brad Pitt literally dawned a wave of popularity, perhaps it was here that the actor made sure that he had already achieved really a lot.

"Troy", 2004 year.

After the release of this historical melodrama, the audience clearly realized that Brad Pitt is not just a talented and handsome actor, it is also a true embodiment of all women's ideals, which you can admire all 160 minutes of the film.


The picture, based on the Iliad, however, weightily rewritten and edited, allowed the viewer to enjoy the war of two worlds, two races, which would stand for the idea until the very end. "For Troy".

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005.

Another film that may have been a turning point in the life of Pitt himself, because it was here that he met his future wife and mother of three children in common, Angelina Jolie, who played his married wife, who has skeletons in the closet.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Noisy, passionate and bright spy blockbuster, collected incredible box office at the box office, as well as regular positive reviews of film critics, the actors themselves got an even larger army of fans.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", 2008.

Brad Pitt played the mysterious story of a person who was born under “strange” circumstances, in spite of the fact that such gurus as Tom Cruise and John Travolta claimed this place. The film tells about the life of an unusual person who managed to be born a gray-haired old man, after which he inexplicably began to look younger.

Misterious story

Beautiful and touching picture,which will tell you about the life of this unusual person, his thoughts and adventures, as well as the love that he will still find, it is a pity that not for long.

"Inglorious bastards", 2009.

A crazy, dynamic and extremely unconventional action drama, which begins its narration very seriously, gradually more and more moving away "from the reels", as audiences and critics respond to it. And it is in the good sense of the word!

Inglourious Basterds

Screenwriter director Quentin Tarantino and 9 Oscar nominations are the best proof of that. All the actors coped well with the responsibilities assigned to them, especially Brad Pitt, who played the lieutenant, who assembled a group of Jewish soldiers to carry out a special mission in the territory of occupied France during the Second World War. They called themselves "Bastards."

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