Top 10 Interesting Dog Facts

What animals are the most loyal? Of course, these are dogs. These four-legged friends accompany the person for more than 12 thousand years. They are smart, strong and always ready to help and protect their master, even at the cost of their own lives.

But the most important thing is that dogs are capable of selflessly loving and being faithful friends for a person, unquestioningly fulfilling any of his team. We value them for their kindness and cheerful nature. They like no one else can feel our mood. But do we all know about our beloved pets?

We offer you Top 10 unusual facts about dogs:

  1. We all are well aware of the incredibly strong sense of smell in dogs. It is thanks to him that a person appreciates these four-legged friends so much, using them to save people missing under avalanches or searching for explosives and drugs. The scent of a dog is 100 thousand times stronger than that of a human. This is due to the fact that the area of ​​olfactory membranes in a dog is on average 7 m², and in humans it is only 0.5 m². Thus, dogs can distinguish up to 500 thousand smells.
  2. Remarkable hearing is another feature of dogs. They hear 75% better than a person, and are able to determine the source of the sound at a distance of 24 meters, whereas we can barely hear it from only 4 meters.
  3. Vision in dogs is much worse developed than all other senses, but in the dark they see much better than in daylight. Before their eyes there is a special layer called tapetum. He as a mirror re-reflects light on the retina. The viewing angle in dogs is 240-250º, and in humans it is only 180º. In addition, dogs are not color blind. They can distinguish between blue and yellow colors, but their intensity is much lower than a person sees. And green and red colors of dogs are seen as yellow-gray, and therefore they are often confused.
  4. Among dogs, long-livers are extremely rare. In most cases, the average life expectancy of pets is 8 to 15 years. But there are exceptions to the rule. The Australian shepherd dog Blui lived for 29 years and 5 months, and because of this she got into the Guinness Book of Records. She was born in 1910 and herded sheep and cattle for 20 years, and in 1939 she was put to sleep.
  5. Dogs are the most diverse looking animals. Depending on the breed, they can significantly differ from each other in shape, size, structure of the skull and color. The only thing that unites them is the constant number of bones (321 pcs.) And permanent teeth (42 pcs.) For all types of dogs. Although this is hard to believe, if we compare the smallest dog - the Yorkshire terrier with a weight of only 113 g and the largest dog - the English mastiff, weighing 155.58 kg. The number of bones they have is the same. They differ only in size and length. Such a variety of dog species is associated with slave genes and their ability to cross. By the way, the structure of the genes in a dog is 97% identical to the human genes.
  6. Dogs are very intelligent animals. This fact is known to many, but few can assume that the mental abilities of these pets are at the level of the intelligence of a two-year-old child. Our four-legged friends can count to five, understand about 250 gestures and words, and are even capable of solving simplest mathematical problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are amenable to training and can remember many commands. In addition, dogs are the only animals that can read emotions from a human face. But they themselves may experience feelings such as love and jealousy.Maybe that's why we love our four-legged pets so much. After all, they are always close when we need it.
  7. Every dog ​​is unique. And it's not about color or size. Each dog has its own unique nasal imprint. The second such in nature does not exist. It’s like people’s prints. Previously, this feature dogs used to find lost pets or identify those dogs that attacked people.
  8. Dogs have a very powerful jaw. It is thanks to her that fighting dogs have been used since ancient times as a formidable weapon in combat. Depending on the breed, dogs can create a pressure equal to almost 90 kg per 1 mm² of jaw. It is difficult to even imagine how hard they are able to compress the jaw? No wonder there is the expression "dead grip".
  9. The most common disease that dogs suffer from is obesity. Especially often it occurs in dogs whose unscrupulous owners walk a little or do not let their pets on the street at all. But beyond that, dogs can suffer cancers. Most often they appear in dogs older than 10 years. In addition to dogs harmful tobacco smoke, and chocolate is absolutely contraindicated. It can cause severe poisoning.So it is better to give up the idea, to pamper your pet sweet delicacy.
  10. Dogs can detect the presence of various diseases in humans, for example, recognize cancer cells, due to the fact that the smell can feel organic compounds secreted by the human body and are responsible for the appearance of cancer. In addition, specially trained dogs are able to detect an approaching epileptic seizure.

These are our amazing favorite pets!

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