Top 10 best movies about planes

If you like exciting movies, then by all means look at least one about the plane. But first find out what pictures can be safely called the best.

So, the top 10 most interesting films about airplanes:

1. "Air Marshal."A large plane carries an intercontinental flight. On board there is an air Marshal Bill Marks, who ensures the safety of the crew and passengers. Everything went quietly, but suddenly Bill began to receive messages from a dangerous terrorist.

Maniac is cruel and incredibly intelligent, because he was able to develop a clear plan and cover all his tracks. And suspicions fall on the special agent himself, who, among other things, has a rather dark past and made many mistakes. Now the US intelligence services hunt for Marx. But in fact he precisely knows, that in what is not guilty. And he will not only have to prove it, but also to find and even neutralize a dangerous criminal and save the passengers of the plane.

2. The Crew.Disaster films are very popular, and “Crew” deserves attention.The main character Whip Whitaker - an experienced pilot. And when the plane starts to crash, he pulls himself together and does everything to avoid trouble. And he succeeds. He safely lands an airplane and saves lives to all passengers, for which he is recognized as a hero.

But Whipa begin to worry. Did he do everything right? And most importantly: who is to blame for the fact that a freelance situation occurred on board, which almost led to a catastrophe. Gradually recognizing the details of the flight, the pilot starts to suspect that something is wrong. And in his head creeps thoughts that he himself, too, could affect the course of the event.

3. "The illusion of flight"also included in the list. The modern Boeing 747 flies from Berlin to New York. Aboard the huge airplane are many passengers, among them Kyle Pratt, carrying her deceased spouse in a coffin, and her six-year-old daughter Julia.

A tired woman falls asleep, and when she wakes up, she realizes that her daughter is not there. She starts searching, but everyone claims that there was no girl on board. The situation is so absurd that Kyle already almost believes that she has gone mad. And yet she picks herself up and begins an independent search, in which she is helped by the knowledge of Boeing, which she designed herself.Gradually, it becomes an enemy to the crew and passengers, but still believes in its rightfulness.

4. "Night flight."Lisa Raysert was always afraid to fly, but she had a long flight from Texas to Miami. Fear gradually goes away when the heroine meets her neighbor Jason Rippner. This guy is handsome, young, polite and very sociable. One can only dream of such an interlocutor. But Lisa’s opinion will change when she finds out who Jason really is.

And his true face will be terrible. This cute and handsome young man turns out to be a member of a terrorist group, a dangerous and cruel criminal. He wants to use the girl to kill. If she does not fulfill all the orders, then her father will die in Miami. As a result, the night flight, which Lisa was so afraid of, turns into a real nightmare for her, and it can end very sadly.

5. “Turbulence”Is a film about capturing an airplane. Dangerous maniac Ryan Weaver finally falls into the hands of the police. But it needs to be shipped to the strictest prison. It was decided to transport the criminal on a Boeing 747. On board there is a group of extremely dangerous criminals and a detachment of police officers who are watching them. Among the violators of the law was the bandit Stubbs.

At some point he decides to seize the whole plane and arranges sabotage. During the shootout killed several criminals and police. Catching the right moment, the maniac Ryan decides to take the initiative on himself, realizing that this is his last chance to break free and escape punishment.

The situation is out of control of law enforcement. The board is fully captured and begins to fall into the air pockets, which leads to turbulence. In order to avoid the fall of the aircraft on civilian objects on earth, the question of its destruction is being decided.

6. "Aviator". Enumerating the best films about airplanes, it is impossible not to mention this picture, in which the main role was played by Leonardo DiCaprio himself. Howard Hughes inherited a small factory, which he made an incredibly profitable and large enterprise.

He made the film and became popular, but he was always attracted by the sky. Therefore, he acquired the second largest airline and not only sat at the controls of the aircraft, but also set a record for high-speed flight. And only at an incredible height, Howard feels truly free and happy. Only there everything is decided by his skill and God.

7. “Doomed flight”. In the cargo hold of an airbus that flies from Los Angeles to Paris, an armored container with the most dangerous and unexplored virus is secretly transported. It is carefully guarded, and the passengers do not know anything about what is stored on board.

But suddenly the Airbus enters the zone of increased turbulence and after another push the container opens and the virus breaks out. Infected become real zombies and bite passengers who are not yet ill. The disease is spreading rapidly, and on the ground they are trying to do everything so that this plane never ends up below.

8. "The best shooter". Paul Mitchell is a cadet of an elite US college who has already managed to become a lieutenant and one of the most skilled pilots. In the sky they are led by instincts, and it turns into a real ace. On earth, Paul begins to have feelings for instructor and astrophysics Charlotte Blackwood. But to win her love is not easy. But you still have time to make flights.

After one of the training battles, the plane of Paul falls, and his partner dies. And then he decides to remain a simple naval pilot and not to continue training.But still he must take part in the most important operation, as he is the best pilot.

9. "Miracle"- This is a film about the crash of an airplane and about the fact that a catastrophe can change fate and make you look differently at life and the events taking place in it. On board are going to all kinds of people. Someone gets on the plane almost by accident, someone planned to fly a long time, and someone at the last moment thinks of flying. One way or another, surely no one even thought that the flight could be the last.

And what to do if only seconds are left to live? Some decide to just accept the fate and wait for the end. Others think about how little they managed to do. Still others remember relatives. And some turn to God for help, and even people who are completely unfamiliar with religion are beginning to believe. But in the center of the storyline is the relationship of two lovers. They understand that they can not help each other, but still continue to fight. But will a miracle save everyone? Or from fate not to leave?

10. "I am very excited."This is a comedy that is also worth watching. The flight of the liner from Spain to Mexico began as it was supposed to begin. All passengers fastened their seat belts and relaxed.The main pilot of the aircraft decided to rest and turned on the autopilot. But everything went wrong. When the liner was over the ocean, it turned out that it was defective and was about to fall.

The Internet does not work, and all mobile devices and other gadgets fail. The passengers are in a panic and do not know what to do. Gradually, the board covers despair and real horror. But suddenly the stewards are included in the process. They are trying to distract everyone from bad thoughts and offer ... to dance and sing! Lesson, to put it mildly, strange in this situation. But passengers understand that it is time to forget about prejudices and stereotypes, to become themselves and stop pretending and just have a hearty fun, like the last time.

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