Tom Hiddleston - the owner of the best buttocks of the year

We have another (and very unexpected!) Reason to envy Taylor Swift. It turned out that she meets not just with a Hollywood actor, Scandinavian god Loki, one of the claimants to the role of James Bond and blah blah blah, but also with the owner of ... the best buttocks - 2016. According to a survey conducted in one of the British sites, Tom Hiddleston, dropping his pants, is able to deprive the audience speechless and make lose the thread of the plot. That is what happened when, in the TV series "Night Administrator", he pressed his partner to the wall. “Whether Tom guesses how many women he has made happy with just the appearance of his backyard,” “Tom’s buttocks are the only reason why I watch this series” are just some of the enthusiastic comments of connoisseurs of beauty.

Thus, Tom's buttocks hit the first place in the ranking (and with a large margin from the competitors!). The top five also includes Luther star Idris Elba, tennis player Andy Murray, Jamie Dornan from 50 Grayscale and host of The Chase show Bradley Walsh.

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