To dream a new apartment: the interpretation of dream

To dream of a new apartment - to the positive moments in your personal life and business. But for a more accurate interpretation, it is important to take into account the particularities of the dream.

The interpretation of the dream book Thelomena

The dreamed new apartment promises a change in financial affairs for the better. You will become financially independent.

New apartment promises to the dreamer a new good acquaintance. Chance of a novel that will grow into a serious relationship.

Treatment taking into account the details of the dream

If you happen to see a big new apartment in a dream - you expect changes for the better. Health will be excellent, but in business it will always be lucky, which will lead to an improvement in financial status.

New apartment in the new house symbolizes strong family relationships. No problems will be caught by surprise if the spouses have a strong bond and respect for each other.

Unfulfilled hopes can dream of a new apartment, which has not been renovated. A girl such a dream prophesies danger.

The new apartment, where there are many rooms, foreshadows either a lot of trouble or the receipt of additional cash rewards.

To choose in a dream a new apartment - to the desire to change life for the better. You can implement any plans, because they are destined to come true.

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