Tips to help you not get lost in an unfamiliar place

Traveling is fun and interesting. But trips to other cities and especially countries are always associated with the possibility of getting lost and getting lost. And how to reduce this risk and reduce it to zero?

How to avoid problems?

How not to get lost in a strange city?

  1. Always carry a card with you. But not everyone can use the maps, and many consider them to be very complicated and useless. If you belong to this category of people, then first you have to practice a little and learn how to use maps correctly and quickly.
  2. Route routes in advance. You should not wander aimlessly and thoughtlessly, in this case you will definitely find yourself in an unfamiliar place and get lost. But if you think in advance where you are going and how you will get there, you will be able to get to the end point and do it as quickly as possible and with minimal losses. If you are going to visit several places at once, then find them on the map and think about how you will get from one to another. Follow the plan and do not make adjustments to it, otherwise you will go astray.
  3. If you doubt that you are moving in the right direction, then do not hesitate and ask questions to passersby. If you are traveling in another country, be sure to carry with you the colloquial dictionary of the language of the state in which you are located. Even if you know English, local people may not know it. So, leaving the house, be sure to check that the dictionary is in your bag. Better yet, learn the phrase “How to get to ...?” And the names of all the places you plan to visit.
  4. Easy and convenient to use various gadgets. The most suitable for traveling is a navigator. He not only paves the route, but also reports that you have lost his way.
  5. If you do not have special devices, then your phone can help, or rather a smartphone. Today there are many programs that are used for laying routes. The most popular of them are "2GIS", "Yandex Maps", "Google Maps", "Navitel" and some others. By the way, in order not to get into an awkward situation, by all means charge the devices, and also make sure that there is always money in the account, this will enable you to access the Internet at any time.
  6. Use landmarks.They can be some kind of government agencies, monuments, cafes with memorable names, some unusual buildings, and so on.
  7. Before you go to another country, learn more about it. Why do you need it? First, to find out some information about the local population. The most important data is the language spoken by the locals. You can also understand how the transport network of the city and the country works, and this will allow you to use public transport or at least navigate its routes (and this can help to find out your location).
  8. Memorize the road. If it is not easy to do, then it is better to write your way into a notebook. You can also make outlines, navigate through them much easier than the text. For example, try to schematically draw some places passed, as well as arrows and lines denoting your direction.
  9. Always keep some amount in stock. Why do you need it? So if you get lost, call a taxi and get to the right place.
  10. Be sure to remember the name of the hotel where you stayed, or the address of the house or apartment you are renting.And in order not to have to explain and be confused in sounds, it is better to write everything on paper, but, of course, in the language of the country in which you are located. Such advice may seem strange, but forgetting even a simple name or address is very simple. And in this case, you simply can not get home.
  11. Study in advance the area on which you plan to travel. Use for this a detailed map with all the symbols. Remember all the most important places and find out in which parts of the city they are located. This will allow you, once in a particular place, to find out not only him, but also in which direction it is best to continue to move.
  12. Focus on satellite dishes. Why do you need it? To determine where the south is located (sometimes it can help). The fact is that all the plates are aimed at the equator, because it is above it that all satellites move in space. But such a rule applies to northern latitudes. If you are in the south, the antenna will be directed to the north.
  13. Use viewing platforms. On them you can not only enjoy the beauty of the area, but also help yourself to follow the route and not stray from it.If you come across such platforms on your way, then climb them and assess the surroundings to constantly monitor your location.
  14. Do not travel alone. To get lost alone is much more unpleasant and worse than with a companion. So by all means find a satellite or two, or better yet, go to the end point by the company. First, everyone will memorize the route (sometimes even unconsciously), secondly, if you get lost, someone will surely see some kind of guide and remember which direction to go.
  15. Carry a flashlight with you, with a charged and quite powerful. Why do you need it? The fact is that not all cities and streets are well lit. And if you forget and do not notice how it gets dark, you can light up the road and assess the terrain even in the dark.
  16. Go to the city or country where you have friends. And by all means find out their phone and keep in touch with them during your trip. Then if you get lost, you can contact your friends and ask them to orient you, or even find and pick up on a personal transport.

What if a problem occurs?

What to do if you still get lost?

  • Ask for help. This advice may seem trivial, but in fact it is very useful. Locals surely know their city well and will absolutely prompt you where you are, how to find this or that place.
  • If the local does not contact you, then contact the police. They either tell you the way or they can help you contact the hotel where you stay.
  • Use a gadget or a special program. This will determine your location, get directions and get to the final destination.
  • Use the taxi service. If you follow this advice, you will quickly and easily reach your destination. But, of course, you will need money.
  • If you are lucky and you see a viewing platform, be sure to climb it and look at the area. You will probably see some place nearby that you remember: a cafe, a monument, a building.
  • If you understand that you have gone astray, then you should not try to continue it, in this case you can get lost even more. It is better to go back to a familiar place, and try to start moving again from it.
  • If you are unlucky, and you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar place at night without communications and gadgets, then try to find a lit area, and even better, some round-the-clock establishment. Better yet, find a policeman and ask for his help. By the way, for such cases, you must always have a passport with you, as they will definitely ask him at the police station.

Now you can avoid problems or solve them quickly.

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