The game began famously. Less than 30 seconds, as the ball was at the gate of the national team of Ghana. Clint Dempsey burst into the penalty area after a cool penetrating pass and sent the ball into the far corner with an aimed blow from the bar. The US team very quickly took the lead. Perhaps this goal will be the fastest in the tournament.

The entire first half, the Africans could not recover. They attacked rather out of inertia, there were very few sensible attacks, and the Americans played in a row. The US team calmly kept the defense, sometimes responding with sharp attacks. The first half ended with the minimum advantage of the US team.

In the second half, the Africans stepped up. There have been several substitutions that greatly strengthened the game of the national team of Ghana. Attacks are sharper, smarter and faster. However, until the very end of the match Ghanaians could not win. But still a goal occurred at 82 minutes. After a brilliant pass with the heel of Ghana captain Gyan Andre Aiju hit the near corner of the goal of the US team. The blow was very spectacular.

The impression was that the Africans would reach a rival, but this did not happen. On the contrary, on the 86th minute there was a rare corner at the gate of the Ghana national team. After accurate submission, John Brooks, who spent only 4 games for the national team, sends his head into the Ghanaian goal. 2-1 US pulls out a victory, once again demonstrating that in a tournament in Brazil, rivals do not want to agree to a draw.

The US team wins a hard working victory over Ghana and is compared on points with Germany, and the Ghana team will have to make incredible efforts to fight for the chances of reaching the playoff stage.

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Tip 2: How did the team of Ghana played at the 2014 World Cup football

At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Ghana national team achieved an outstanding result. African players were able to get into the quarterfinals of the tournament, where they lost only in the penalty shootout Uruguay. In 2014, Ghana fans expected a similar positive result.
How did the team of Ghana played at the 2014 World Cup soccer

Ghanaian national team players in Brazil won a difficult group. They performed in the quartet G, which some football experts equated to death groups.The teams of Germany, USA and Portugal became the rivals of African football players.

The first match in the tournament, the national team of Ghana held against the United States. African players have already missed a goal in the first minute of the meeting. Only in the second half, the players of Ghana played. However, the match did not end in a draw. At the last minutes of the match, after a corner, the American players scored the second goal. The final score of the starting meeting was disappointing for Ghana (1 - 2).

In the second match of the tournament, Ghanaian football players showed very good and high-quality football, although they were opposed by the German national team. The game ended with a 2–2 combat draw. Moreover, the Ghanaian players lost first and then won. However, the Ghanaian advantage could not be held - the Germans leveled the score.

After two matches in the tournament, the Ghanaian national team had only minimal chances to qualify from the group for the playoff stage. Africans needed to beat big Portuguese team. However, the Ghana national team has not achieved the desired result. African footballers lost the match with a score of 1 - 2, which determined the departure of the Ghanaians from the tournament after the end of the group stage.

The performance of the national team of Ghana is estimated as extremely unfortunate. African footballers had a minimum goal of leaving the group in the playoff stage, but it was not achieved.

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Tip 3: World Cup 2014: how Portugal played the last match of the tournament

The Portuguese team had to beat Ghana with a big score in order to continue the struggle at the World Cup and hope that the Germans would beat the USA team. The players of Ghana also hoped for their victory, because in the event of a favorable outcome of the meeting between the USA and Germany, the Africans would go to the next stage of the tournament.
World Cup 2014: how Portugal played the last match in the tournament

The game between Portugal and Ghana started very lively. Both teams sought to attack the opponent's gate, quickly passing the center of the field. Cristiano Ronaldo already in the 5th minute almost did a football miracle. After a quick attack, the Portuguese captain from the flank threw the Ghanaian goalkeeper, but the ball hit the crossbar. At the 19th minute, Ronaldo already with a few meters head punched at the gate of Africans, but saved the last goalkeeper.

The Ghana team in the first half had their scoring chances. So, Gyan was unable to realize a dangerous exit to the gates of Europeans.After that played the famous football rule. After an unrealized moment, the Africans themselves missed the front gate. At the 31st minute, John Boyer cut the ball into his own net, which put many Ghanaian fans in shock. Portugal led 1 - 0.

The first half ended with a minimal margin of Europeans.

In the second half of the meeting, the teams also actively created dangerous moments in foreign worts. At the 57th minute, African captain Gyan scored his ball. After Asamoa's smart flank feed, Gyan headed the ball into the net. 1 - 1 - after such an account, the Africans hoped that they would be able to squeeze Portugal and win this match. Indeed, the Ghanaians had the moment, with Odikon 61st minute an Africans player from the goalkeeper’s line sent the ball past the goal.

The game went to the final tied result, which did not suit any team, but the numbers on the scoreboard still changed. At the 80th minute, Ronaldo scored his first and, as it turned out later, the last ball in the world championship.

The final score of the meeting 2 - 1 in favor of Portugal sends both teams home. The Portuguese caught up on points with the US team, but the difference between the goals scored and missed was on the side of the Americans.Therefore, unfortunately for the fans of Portugal, we have to state that the game with Ghana was for the European team the last in the tournament.

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Tip 4: World Cup 2014 football: how was the game USA - Germany

Germany played its last match in the group stage of the soccer world championship in Brazil on June 26 in the city of Recife. In the presence of 41,000 spectators, the Germans fought with the US team.
World Cup 2014 football: how was the game USA-Germany

The German team has already secured access to the next stage of the tournament, but the defeat in the match could drop the Germans to the final second place in Group G. The US team could be content with a draw in order not to keep in mind the result of the meeting between the teams of Portugal and Ghana. The Americans, subject to scoring points in the match with the Germans, also left the group in the 1/8 finals of the world championship.

The game began with the dominance of the Germans. Hard pressure, greater possession of the ball - all this determined the advantage of the German team in the first 15 minutes of the match. However, significant scoring chances were not created.

Since the middle of the inning, the Americans have settled in and slightly trimmed the game. US players most often used long passes on the attackers in the front line, but this did not bring the desired result. The Germans also did not create anything dangerous at the gates of the US team.It must be admitted that the first half was not only goalless, but also a bit boring.

In the second half of the meeting, the audience still saw one goal. At the 55th minute, Thomas Muller with a smart kick from the penalty sent the ball into the corner of the American goal. This goal was already quarter for the German in the tournament. Germany led 1 - 0.

After the goal was scored, there were no bursts of activity on the part of the US team at the German gates, and the German players themselves were not in a hurry to score again. Only in condensed time did the most dangerous moment arise. The Americans could recoup, but the captain of the Nesev Lam saved his team. A US player punched dangerously at the goal of Noyer, but Lam blocked the ball into the goal in a tackle.

The final score of the meeting 1 - 0 in favor of Germany takes the Germans into the playoffs of the tournament from the first place. The US team takes the second line, as the Portuguese could not beat Ghana large. At the best difference between goals scored and goals conceded, the Americans outstripped the team of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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