But it is unlikely at such moments she thinks about the possible consequences for her health, because they will not appear immediately, but after a certain time. These include foot deformities, growths, and possible problems with the musculoskeletal system (when walking on the heel, the center of gravity shifts forward), problems with the intestines, the appearance of arthrosis, problems with tendons and joints and much more.

Besides,increased risk of injury: every third woman, wearing a hairpin, at least once in her life fell from her.

A pregnant lady, putting on a high heel, risks not only her health, but also the health of an unborn baby. In this case, the position of the uterus changes, whichcan trigger miscarriageor complications of childbirth.

Is it worth the beauty of such victims - the woman decides for herself.

However, do not immediately panic and run to direct the audit in his wardrobe. Everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance: if you try, you can choose a middle ground.

Nobody calls to abandon high heels and studs at all, there are times when they are simply necessary. But it is better to minimize such moments.

The complete absence of the heel is also not the best option, in this case it can already developflat feet.

Shoes for everyday wear should be with the height of the heel2-3 cm, since such a height corresponds to the natural position of the foot.

The material of the product is preferred natural - leather, nubuck, suede,

The next moment is the presence of thick soft insoles for shock absorption.

During the day, you should try to change the shoes several times in order to properly distribute the pressure on the foot.

And finally, shoes in stores should be chosen strictly by size. You should not take the one that presses, in the hope that it is spread.Choose it better at the end of the day., legs by this time will swell a little, and the risk of buying narrow shoes or boots will be minimal.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the "young fashionistas." A human skeleton is formed before the age of 20, and if a teenager spoils it at such a young age, then it will be impossible to correct it in the future.

As you can see, everything is not so critical! With the right approach to the question, you can preserve the beauty and not lose your health.

Tip 2: How to choose a heel

Heel- The most important detail of women's shoes.It is he who produces the gait and even forms the manner of behavior of the girl, gives femininity.Heeland: beauty or harm?
How to choose a heel
Heeland - a dangerous weapon of female beauty. A woman on heels is changing before our eyes; it’s not for nothing that men consider heels to be one of the most sexy attributes of a woman’s dress.
How to choose for yourself the height of the heel? Make it quite difficult. Everyday wearing shoes on high heels is fraught with certain consequences: natoptysh, weakening of nail plates, the appearance of cones on the heels, deformation of the Achilles tendon and many other troubles.
Therefore, you need to choose the right shoes, dividing it "for every day" and "on the way out."
Very comfortable shoes with a low square heel. The main principle is comfort. In addition, these shoes fit almost any outfit, not counting evening gowns. You can go to work and go shopping with your girlfriend and take the children to the movies.
Any woman wants to look attractive and attractive. Studs and high heels come to the rescue. The advantages of such shoes are obvious:
1. Low ladies in heels are much higher;
2When wearing high heels, the center of gravity changes, shoulders straighten. It gives a more open and confident look to your image;
3. When walking in heels it is necessary to balance all the time, while there is a slight rocking of the hips from side to side. Many such gait crazy.
But be sure to remember that this kind of shoes can be worn no more than 3-4 hours a day. If you are not standing in lines, do not run all day, as it was established, then it suits you perfectly.
In general, choosing shoes with heels, you need to weigh absolutely all the pros and cons. For example, a flat sole is not suitable for girls with small stature, it makes them heavier, makes them bulky, similar to horse-carrying horses. But too graceful high-heeled shoes - the wrong choice for female donuts. Such shoes do not give the necessary support when walking, there is a strong pressure on the heel, which can cause adverse effects on the foot.
An alternative option is wedge shoes. This shoe has a lot of advantages:
- visually increases growth, while it is much more convenient than ordinary heels;
- very practical. It can be combined with both long skirts and cropped skinny jeans;
- visually thin the ankles;
- stable.
However, there are also disadvantages:
- high rise.You can't run fast in such shoes;
- It will look ridiculous with fitting dresses;
- thin ankles will seem even thinner in such shoes;
- easy to tuck foot.
Wedges suitable for quiet summer walks.
If you still want to wear heels, then calmly and effortlessly, you can calculate for yourself the ideal height of the heel. This will help British scientists from the University of Surrey, who derived the formula for the optimal heel height. It looks like this:
h = Q (12 + 3s / 8), where
s is the shoe size according to the Anglo-Saxon scale,
Q - sociological variable, which is derived by the formula: Q = p (y + 9) L, where
P is the probability that a woman in heels becomes more attractive,
Y is the degree of confidence of each particular woman who wears heels, which is expressed in the number of years of wearing such shoes daily. Naturally, the “trained” lady manages to keep her balance and on her heels of dizzy height,
L - the cost of shoes. Simply put, the more you pay for a pair of shoes, the more you are willing to suffer so that the shoes do not end up in the closet or garbage disposal,
T is a purely sociological component of a formula.In practice, it depends on how your favorite shoes fit the modern fashion. It is expressed in months. If its value is low or close to zero, then our favorite heels are “quoted” and should be worn,
A is the amount of alcohol. If you plan to drink, the scientist advises: "Pay special attention to the height of heels, consider reducing the level of coordination." .
You need to remember the main rule: wear something that you feel comfortable and do not feel discomfort. This may be shoes-ballet shoes, and pumps on high heels, and coarse sandals on wedges. Do not torture yourself. Beauty is not worth such sacrifices and health problems.
  • The formula of the ideal heel height in 2018

Tip 3: Harm of high heels

High heels emphasize the beauty of the legs, make women's gait irresistible, and girls of small stature find their salvation in them. Thanks to ten centimeter heels, they become slimmer and taller.Only, despite such positive moments, the constant wearing of high-heeled shoes can provoke health problems. Sooner or later you will feel the harm of high heels on yourself.
Harm of high heels
First, high-heeled shoes radically change the distribution of the load on the foot, as a result of which the natural center of gravity shifts. Feet because of this, it is hard, about five to six times higher than normal. This is explained by the fact that the tendons are blocked and unable to save energy for the next step.
Secondly, high heels have a negative effect on the spine and posture, change the angle of inclination, therefore, women who prefer similar shoes, have to suffer with eternal back pain.
Third, in addition to the spine and the feet, the knees suffer, because the load increases on them, so regular wearing shoes with heels above two or three centimeters can cause dangerous diseases: arthritis or varicose veins, and this does not take into account the enormous risk of dislocations. In general, high heels can even cause disability.
Fourth, one minus of this dangerous and beautiful shoes,is in violation of the normal blood supply: reduced blood vessels in the spine and other organs, the nerves are impaired and as a result the organs do not receive the right amount of blood. This is fraught with the fact that ladies, constantly wearing high heels, very often experience a headache. It also helps reduce brain activity, decision making and concentration, requiring sophisticated analytics and concentration.
Those women of fashion who love extreme heels of ten to twelve centimeters are at the greatest risk. Wearing such sandals or shoes can cause the appearance of peculiar cones on the thumb, they are called bursitis. Such growths not only spoil the whole look of the ladies' legs, but also require treatment in the clinic.
In general, high-heeled shoes are, of course, very beautiful, but if you want to keep your health as long as possible, you should not abuse it. Shoe such shoes for solemn occasions a couple of times a month, and use comfortable and simple models for everyday wear.
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Tip 4: High Heel

Heeled shoes - the main weapon of girls. What only girls do not agree for their beauty. High studs, delivering a lot of inconvenience, are still a symbol of the beauty of any girl. And also a high heel in all variations.

Wearing shoes with heels does not mean that a holiday. Women should look everywhere and always great. In the wardrobe of every woman of fashion should be shoes with high heels, on the platform, on low or high heels, classic, with an open nose, sandals, and other variations of shoes are possible. The advantage is the fact that shoes are not only stylish, but also fit any image and complement it. It is also festive and attracts attention. Any woman wants to be the center of attention and her main artillery is high heels. Such shoes may not always be practical, but they are combined with any clothing. It can be a classic suit, dresses, skirts, pants and even sometimes jeans. One has only to skillfully pick up the image.

It is worth noting that when you wear a high heel legs get much better shape. They become more toned and toned.Famous Victoria Beckham hardly anyone saw without high heels. However, she always looks great, despite the fact that for a long time mother of many children. That high heel gives the image of Victoria elegance, and it is an example to follow for many. High heels can be of various shapes. That is, it can be a thin hairpin, which, by the way, goes well with evening and cocktail dresses. It can also be a thick square heel.

Sandals on a thick steady square heel have entered into fashion. Such a heel is practical and convenient for any girl. But do not forget that you can overdo it in the struggle for beauty. Do not forget about the spine. He suffers most when wearing high heels. So, do not forget about the days for the legs. Take care of your health, and it will give you beauty.

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