Tip 3: Light evening makeup for green eyes

You will need
  • - eye shadow green, emerald green and rich blue;
  • - mother-of-pearl shade or highlighter;
  • - pencil for eyes of emerald color;
  • - black mascara;
  • - base under the shade
Before you start applying makeup, you must make sure that the skin of the eyelids is dry, otherwise the shadow does not last long. If there is any cream residue on the eyelid, then powder it and wait a minute so that excess moisture is absorbed. Now you can start applying the base under the shadow, which will extend the resistance of the makeup and make shades of shadows more saturated. If you do not have a base under the shadow, then you can use your tonal tool instead.
Using a damp brush, lighten the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow with mother of pearl shadows or highlighter. Apply a green shade to a moving eyelid, preferably matte - they will serve as the main base color. Mentally divide the eyelid into two parts.Add colors to the first half using emerald shimmer shadows. In the second, we apply a blue tint to any subtone, but the deeper the color, the better.
For greater depth and expressiveness of the view we darken the outer corner of the eye and the crease of the century with black or dark gray shadows. Gently shade the shadows, leading the brush to a fixed eyelid. Do not try to mix colors too much, we only need to hide the transitions between them.
Let down the growth line of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid emerald pencil. If this shade is not available, then it is better to use the shadows of the same shade. To create the integrity of the makeup, make a small arrow with black or dark gray shadows used to darken and drag it to the lower eyelid, going to the eyelash growth line.
We only need to paint over the eyelashes with black ink. For such a bright accent makeup is better to use mascara, giving volume. But the lower cilia is quite possible to extend the corresponding mascara.

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