Tip 2: The benefits of leeks for weight loss

Many women at least once in their lives looking for various methods of losing weight. This issue should be approached very carefully, responsibly and without extremes, so as not to harm our health. Therefore, you can safely choose mineral water to cleanse the body in order to lose weight.
About the beneficial properties of this water has long been known. It supplies the body with various microelements and minerals, structures the cellular fluid in the body, which contributes to the protection of the immune system. Mineral water is of three types - dining (can be used daily), medical-dining and medical (it is better to use after consulting a doctor).When choosing water, pay attention that it was extracted in natural conditions from a well. Buy water from reputable manufacturers.
The main functions of mineral water in dropping excess weight is cleaning the body, removing toxins and reducing appetite.To maintain normal weight you need to adhere to proper nutrition and drink from two to six glasses of this water per day.It is important to remember that it is not possible to consume this water in large quantities all the time, as the body may overload with salts and minerals.
Often people confuse hunger with the need for water. Nutritionists agree that if you drink a glass of water in 20-30 minutes before meals, hunger levels are significantly reduced. Therefore, with the help of mineral water, you can arrange a unloading day once a week. The essence of this discharge is that when you have a desire to eat, you need to drink water, thus deceiving your body, but at the same time filling it with useful elements. If the level of hunger is very high, then you can eat some protein food (a piece of boiled lean meat or fish).
This discharge is very effective for health. With the help of water, the body is cleansed of toxins, removes all bad substances from our body. The level of such "pollution" in a person of average builds reaches from two to five kg.
With the right and gradual approach, sometimes you can arrange yourself a strict fasting days.In this case, nothing but water can be eaten during the day. This method is even more effective for weight loss and body cleansing. It is also called a detox program. Such unloading is suitable for people with advanced preparation and with a healthy body, without problems in the gastrointestinal tract and other serious diseases.
Mineral water helps to reduce excess weight and with a normal daily diet. Nutritionists recommend drinking up to two or three glasses of water in the morning half an hour before breakfast. 30 minutes before lunch drink one glass of water and after eating two glasses of water (after 20 minutes). Dinner can be excluded or it should be very light (vegetables, boiled meat or steamed).
Even for the purpose of losing weight, you can drink various tinctures, adding mineral water to them. For example, very useful and effective in such an application would be the tincture of rosehip, blueberry, strawberry, cranberry.
Mineral water is very popular among people who monitor their bodies also because it is available. It can be purchased everywhere, the main thing to remember about the precautions of its use.

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