Tip 2: Ideas for breakfast

If in the morning you quickly intercept the candy with tea and go to work or school (or do not intercept anything at all), then you make a big mistake. Breakfast supplies energy to the body and helps control appetite throughout the day. A monotonous morning ration (even very healthy or tasty) can be boring, so look at unusual ideas for breakfast.
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Yogurt Parfait. It's simple: yogurt is mixed or alternated in layers with berries, fruit, muesli, syrup, nuts. Plus the fact that every time you can make a new combination, depending on the available fruits or berries, and the body will receive all the nutrients at once: proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fats.
Pancakes Cooking thin pancakes in the morning does not have time, but you can make pancakes - thicker than pancakes, but more than pancakes. The dough can be kneaded from eggs, cream, sugar, soda and flour. Bake like regular pancakes. In addition to such pancakes suitable cottage cheese, berries and nuts, cream cheese.

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