You will need
  • - a piece of steel wire;
  • - a small piece of tin;
  • - a box of cream;
  • - Oil paint;
  • - cardboard;
  • - underwear buttons;
  • - thick paper;
  • - glue;
  • - instruments.
Take a round box with a lid. You can take a plastic box of cream or powder. No plastic - take a metal, from shoe polish. Burn it, remove scale and paint with oil paint.
Using a compass, draw a bottom out of the cardboard (a circle around the inside diameter of the box). Cut it out and make an even hole in the center of 2 mm. Fasten the linen button to it so that there is a protruding part of the button at the bottom.
Make a card of thick paper (its diameter is also equal to the diameter of the box), paint it with paint and cut it out. Glue to the bottom, and set the bottom in a box. Make a side of cardboard and, smearing with glue, tightly set in a jar. Hold tight.
Make a side below the top edge of the box by 5-6 mm. Cut from plexiglass circle for glazingcompassa, make a hole in the center and insert the second linen button, with the convex part upwards. Secure the glazing to the rim with a spring ring made of steel wire. Linen buttons serve as thrust bearings, in which the axis with an arrow rotates.
Make the axis of the arrow from the wire, which can freely rotate in thrust bearings. Process the ends of the axle with a file and a bar to sharpen knives.
Take a tin, make an arrow out of it. Punch a hole in the finished arrow so that the axis fits tightly. Take the axle in your hand and check whether the arrow is balanced or not. If necessary, file the outweighing end with a file. Remove the arrow from the axis and magnetize it. First, at one end of the arrow make a marking with a needle - the letter N, then take the magnet and with its south pole (usually it is indicated in red) move from the center to the end of the arrow. Then repeat the procedure on the other side, only the north pole. Repeat everything several times.
Install the arrow on the axis - it will immediately take a certain position and will show to the north. Install the axle in the bearings andcompassis ready.
When assembling a compass, make sure that the glass does not slow down the movement of the arrow.
Helpful advice
You can use magnets from speakers, tape recorders, televisions. They are ring-shaped, so they must be carefully divided into several parts with a hammer.
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Tip 2: How to make a compass

Surely you had to deal with such a situation, when it is necessary to determine where the north is, where is the south and the rest of the world, but there is no compass at hand. It turns out that the simplest compass can be made with your own hands from scrap materials that are sure to be found in any home.
How to make a compass
You will need
  • - sewing needle;
  • - water tank of any material other than metal;
  • - a piece of foam rubber, foam or cork;
  • - battery and wires;
  • - magnet.
Take any non-metallic container, fill it with fresh water and place it on a horizontal surface. After that, cut a piece of foam with dimensions of approximately 3x3 cm. If you do not find foam rubber, cut a flat circle from the cork or foam. In this case, carefully file a small groove with a file in a traffic jam or foam plastic file.
Magnet the sewing needle by attaching it to the magnet for 10 minutes. Or wind the needle in isolation and connect its ends to the battery terminals. Keep in mind that the north will show the end of the needle that was attached to the magnet or connected to the negative pole of the battery. In order not to forget about it, mark this end with easily washable paint.
With a needle prepared in this way, gently pierce the foam rubber in the center or place the needle in the groove on the cork or foam. Dip the structure in a container of water. After some time, having made several rotations, the needle will stop in a certain position. The magnetized end of an improvised arrow will point to the North, the opposite end, respectively, to the South, on the right side will be East, on the left - West. In order to demagnetize the needle, hold it for a while on the fire above the gas burner or electric stove.
How to make a compass
If you need to make an improvised compass in nature, for example, in hiking, do about the same way. Use small pieces of tree bark, dry straws as a float. Electromagnets take in the speakers, radio receivers or music players.Batteries are also available in any radio, in lanterns and other items that use electricity.
In nature, you may need to close your compass from moisture. Use food adhesive tape or plastic bag. Cellophane secure around the dishes with water with a thread or a thin elastic band.
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