Tip 2: Diseases of the throat: what is laryngitis?

Forms of laryngitis
There are two main forms of the disease: acute and chronic. With the right treatment, a person is completely cured in 1-2 weeks. But at the same time the disease progresses rather quickly. The acute form is often an independent disease that is caused by excessive exercise of the larynx (with intense speech, prolonged singing, etc.). Also, laryngitis may appear against the background of a cold (eg, measles, flu). What is chronic laryngitis? The duration of treatment in this case is more than two weeks. Systematic catarrhal diseases and recurring acute laryngitis become its cause. To eliminate the symptoms, it is necessary to establish the cause, since this can often be caused by a rather serious disturbance in the human body.
How is the disease?
What is laryngitis and how does it proceed? This question interests many people. Externally, with the disease, the mucous membrane of the larynx becomes swollen, significantly reddens.From the inflamed blood vessels can act blood, which looks like dark red dots. Physical changes can also trachea, which leads to laryngotracheitis. In this case, the person has a strong cough, accompanied by sputum.
The main symptoms of laryngitis
At the initial stage of the disease, the person feels a significant deterioration of the condition, is experiencing weakness, and (but not necessarily) the body temperature may rise. When taking a complete blood count, there is an increase in the number of leukocytes and an accelerated ESR. Visible signs of laryngitis: discomfort in the throat, pain in the process of swallowing. The voice becomes more hoarse, respiratory function becomes difficult. The acute form is accompanied by soreness, dryness. Because of this, the person suffers from a dry cough, which gradually becomes wet. In the chronic form with minor exertion, fatigue and hoarseness of voice occur, and a constant coughing appears.
Varieties of laryngitis
Once you figure out what laryngitis is, you need to determine its type. The most famous are catarrhal, hypertrophic, atrophic, diphtheria, tuberculous, syphilitic, and professional laryngitis.The first type involves soreness and sore throat, cough and hoarseness. In the second type, the person wheezes even more strongly, the cough becomes richer and more annoying. Often, this form, which the child had had in childhood, completely disappears during puberty.
Laryngitis treatment
Treatment is necessary only after finding out what is laryngitis, what is its type, the severity of the disease. As a rule, an experienced specialist will examine the patient's throat, prescribe certain tests, and ask simple questions to establish an accurate diagnosis.
Treatment of laryngitis in a child differs by methods, since not all drugs and prescriptions are suitable for a child’s body.
It is not necessary to pull with the disease, if the signs persist for more than two weeks, and there is no positive effect.

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