Tip 2: Custard Recipe

Custard - one of the most low-budget, simple in execution and delicious desserts in cooking. Profiteroles and eclairs are stuffed with them, they coat cakes, they even make ice cream from it. Another advantage of it is a variety of recipes and flavors.
Custard Recipe


Classic Custard Recipe

To prepare you will need:

- milk 3.2% of room temperature - 0.5 l;

- sugar - 100-150 g (to taste);

- Chilled chicken yolks - 4 pcs .;

- flour of the highest grade - 50 g;

- vanilla or vanilla - 1 g (or a bag of vanilla sugar).

Boil the milk on low heat (so as not to run away and not to burn). Pound the yolks with sugar and vanilla in a metal bowl, gradually adding the sifted flour. Milk slightly cool and pour into the yolks, without ceasing to stir the mass. Put the container on low heat and bring to a boil.

To get a thicker cream consistency, boil it over a very slow fire for 5-7 minutes. Then cool the mixture for an hour. Your cream is ready to eat.

This cream can be prepared in the microwave. This is convenient in that the mixture does not burn and does not need to be stirred all the time during the cooking process. Put a container with a mixture of milk, ground yolks and sugar in the microwave for one minute, then remove and mix. Repeat this 4 times. Cool the cream and use it for its intended purpose.

Custard without eggs

Of the products offered below without the use of chicken eggs, you can also make a delicious and high-quality custard.

You will need:

- milk 3.2% - 660 ml;

- granulated sugar - 1,5-2 glasses;

- Vanillin - 1 g or a bag of vanilla sugar;

- Sown flour - 6 tbsp. l .;

- softened butter - 200 g

Milk at room temperature 0.5 liters mixed with sugar (the whole amount) and boil over low heat. In the remaining 160 ml of milk, add the sifted flour, beat with a mixer or a blender. Mix the mixture with boiled milk and bring to a boil again and boil on very low heat until the mass thickens. Stir it with a spoon, preferably wooden.

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