Tie a dress with needles

Dress knitting- knit a beautiful dress with an interesting pattern and pockets. The dress is suitable for everyday wear.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn;
  2. knitting needles;
  3. buttons.

Pattern Description

Pearl pattern:knit alternately 2 persons. loops and 2 out. loops, shifting the pattern by 2 loops in each 3 row; purl: facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops; relief pattern - knit according to scheme 1; 1x1 gum: knit alternately 1 person. loop and 1 out. loop, in out. we knit all the loops in rows.

Knitting description


We collect 140 loops, knit 2 rows of int. satin stitch. Then we knit in the following way: at the beginning and at the end of a row we knit 27 loops with a “pearl” pattern, in the center we knit a relief pattern according to the scheme 1, knitting 4 loops each. smooth on both sides. At a height of 10 cm, we begin to make reductions in the "pearl pattern" in each 6 row, 1 loop on each side. At a height of 53 cm for the armhole on both sides we close 3 loops, then 6 times x 1 loop. in every 4 rows. At a height of 7 cm from the start of knitting, we close all the loops.


We knit the same way.


We collect 70 loops, knit relief pattern, diminishing on both sides in each 4 row 6 times x 1 loop. At a height of 13 cm close the loop.


We sew in front and back, sew the sleeves. On the edge of the neckline, we collect 90 loops, knit 4 cm with 1x1 elastic. Close the loop.

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