The whole truth about the procedure Boost up

All girls dream of well-groomed and beautiful hair, because they strongly influence the whole image: it is not without reason that good styling can turn you into a stunning lady, and her absence - on the contrary, into a gray and inconspicuous “mouse”.

Unfortunately, nature has far from endowed everyone with thick and voluminous hair, most often, girls spend a lot of time in front of a mirror in order to achieve at least some positive result. Someone trusts folk remedies and various “herbs”, while someone desperately sorts through all the means of modern cosmetology. The whole sadness of the situation is that they are temporary and, as soon as you stop using them, the effect will disappear almost immediately.

What to do in this situation? Do girls all life will have to fight with their naughty and dull curls? It was not there. Modern procedure for hair Boost up - this is a great solution just the same for those ladies whom nature has not endowed with lush and voluminous hair.

What it is? This is a new technology.which allows you to give even the dimmest hair - a beautiful and natural basal volume that will persist for a long time even after washing your head. Now, to create volume, it is enough to carry out such a long-term procedure, which not only can improve the appearance of your curls, but also has other positive qualities.

More about the procedure

As we said, Boost up is a great way to add volume to your hair, but how does this happen? In fact, this is a special kind of basal perm, which is carried out on separate strands, without affecting the upper part of the hair.

Thus, it turns out that after the procedure no curling or curls can be seen, the hair remains absolutely straight above, but at the same time, the volume is much stronger than it was before Boost up. As a result - you can say goodbye for a long time with tedious styling and daily washing of the head, because the effect lasts a long time and confidently.

How long is this? In many ways, the duration of the result depends on your hair condition, the composition and concentration of the used curling agent, as well as the characteristics of your hair, but on average, it takes about half a year before the need for correction. Agree, impressive term.

This moment is both a plus and a minus. It turns out that for half a year your hair will shine with beauty without any effort, on the other hand - if you don’t like something, you will have to wait for the same half a year before you can get rid of the effect.

And what other positive points in the procedure?

  • One of the advantages is a positive effect on fatty and heavy hair. After the procedure, you can forget what a daily headwash is, because Boost up dries them well, and also makes it easier and more airy, for the same reason, it does not suit girls with too dry and neglected hair.
  • Looks great, both on long and on rather short curls, however, with too short haircuts you need to be careful.
  • Hair stays clean, well-groomed and laid longer, even a strong wind or wearing a hat will not prevent you from staying with a beautiful hairstyle.

And the disadvantages? Are they not?

  • In fact, they are not as many as it may seem. Perhaps the most important disadvantage is the difficulty of finding a good master, who would be able to carry out the procedure according to all the rules.It is the inept actions of “qualified specialists” that sometimes lead to unpleasant consequences. The very same procedure is safe.
  • For some, its relatively high price, which, it is true, is often justified by an excellent result from the procedure, becomes its tangible disadvantage.
  • It is important to know that Boost up is quite a tedious procedure that can last from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the density of the hair.

Execution technology

Unfortunately, this is exactly the procedure that is not recommended to be carried out at home, since this requires special professional tools and certain knowledge. And yet, going to the salon, you need to know how experts do it according to the rules.

  • To begin with, hair is taken from the roots, and then wound on special hairpins (note that it is hairpins, and not bobbins, as unscrupulous craftsmen sometimes do).
  • Then twisted curls are treated with a special solution, which is usually used for biowave, and then wrapped in foil. Negative consequences after the procedure can occur if the process uses aggressive formulations for chemical perm.
  • Then it is kept for a certain time, after which the solution is washed off and a fixative is applied, which also needs to be maintained on the hair for a certain time for effect.
  • Then everything is completely washed off the hair, pulled out with a hairdryer and dried. After the procedure, it is not recommended to wash the head for 3 days so that the basal volume is well fixed.
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