The web discusses the similarities of Johnny Depp and his grown-up son Jack

The cost of her young daughter Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradie grew up a bit, as all the roads opened to her: now 18-year-old Lily-Rose is conquering Hollywood with might and main and inspiring Karl Lagerfeld as the official ambassador of the fashion house Chanel. The younger son of Depp and Paradis - John Christopher Depp III, or just Jack - everything is still ahead. The 15-year-old does not seek publicity ahead of time and does not even keep personal pages on social networks, but after he appeared in the short film of his friends Blomst, Internet users immediately noticed the similarity of the young Jack with his famous father.

Do you recognize this soft look, ironic smile and slightly slanting Native American eyes? That was the young heartbreaker Johnny when he got his first role in the popular horror film of the 80s, A Nightmare on Elm Street. By the way, contrary to popular opinion, it was in honor of his son, and not Jack Sparrow Depp made a tattoo in the form of a little bird with the signature "Jack."And a few years ago, Johnny introduced Jack to guitar improvisations, and now this is one of the boy's favorite activities. "At the age of 20, I decided to become an actor, although I really did not want to be really anybody, I just wanted to play the guitar," Depp told in his interview.

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