The surrealistic bronze statues of a talented Spanish sculptor convey devastating human despair.

Spanish sculptor Isabel Miramontes () has the gift of capturing red-hot energy and inspired movement in surreal bronze statues.

In Isabel's sculptures, emotions extend beyond the limits of the human body, tearing the body with flat ribbons, or compressing space, like strong ropes.

The heads, arms and legs of the bronze figures, preserved in integrity, are in contrast with the rib cage cut into bronze stripes and the spiral twisted, artistically emphasizing the spiritual and dreamy, but at the same time physical nature of the person. Muffled cry, loss and tension found a bright and dramatic expression in the sculptures of Isabel Miramontes.

Works of art also include sculptures in which proportions and perspective are intertwined in a subtle game. A series of works reveals the tendency of the artist to a bold experiment: the figures are elongated, and their movements are hyperbolic. Sculptural characters sometimes look exhausted, but filled with movement - the contrast characteristic of the works of Miramontes.

“The figures bear the brunt of human existence,” the sculptor believes. Amazingly challenging the static and heavy material from which they are made, the statues are filled with fluid inspired movement.

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