The stars have become their own doubles

Although the Canadian Film Festival - 2016 was completed in September, the results of one of his projects can only be admired now. Photographer Andrew H. Walker invited the famous guests and participants of the festival to be photographed on double photo portraits. The first perspective was chosen as glamorous, glossy, smart, staged, and in the second there were no restrictions: the “models” could get up, turn away from the camera, cover their faces, fool around, be sad - in a word, behave as they were comfortable at the moment .

According to Walker and the stars who took part in the shooting, they liked this creative experiment, and the pictures taken in the second perspective tell about the personal “I” of each of them more frankly, more interesting than ideally soulless, like advertising, photos of the first angle . Which of the Hollywood celestial beings became his own double? Gerard Butler, Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Lupita Nyong'o, Rami Malek, Dakota Fanning, Jason Sudeikis and other idols of our hearts.

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