The shirt is no longer needed, or the Chest is decorated with sequins and glitter

This summer, the love of everything brilliant reached its apogee: with glitter and sparkles decorate everything, including ... the chest! Thousands of pictures of girls can be found on Instagram using the hashtags #discotits and #glitterboobs, which, armed with rhinestones, crystals and semiprecious stones, decorate the décolleté area so that it looks no worse than with a necklace. The trend first appeared on the festival Coachella and has since gained great popularity. Indeed, it looks cool, does not require much effort and allows you to forget about the bra and T-shirt, demonstrating the results of working hours in the simulator.

If you want to repeat, choose stones and crystals with a flat surface that are easily glued. First fix using the special glue for the body (make sure that it is hypoallergenic!) The largest, and at the end add rhinestones and glitter. For inspiration, we made a selection of photos from Instagram.

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