The Pros and Cons of Egg Hair Masks

Choosing hair care products on store shelves, many girls are looking for one that consists of natural ingredients. And often on their list you can see an ordinary egg. Containing proteins and vitamins, it helps to make dry and damaged curls beautiful and shiny. And for this you only need to add a mask based on it to the list of your beauty-procedures.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's find out what is the use of such hair products:

  1. Due to the high content of vitamins A and D, hair follicles become more robust, which means that the problem with the loss will also be solved.
  2. Vitamin B3 makes it possible to retain the pigment as much as possible, allowing the curls to look brighter and more saturated.
  3. Proteins are a kind of building material for hair, strengthening them and stimulating growth.
  4. Fatty acids eliminate the problem with dandruff and prevent its appearance.

And of course, the undoubted advantage of egg masks is their availability and versatility. You can use them for any type of hair.

Fortunately, many women do not have flaws at all.The only thing that can cause difficulties is the washing process. But you just need a little more time than usual.

Features of the procedure

To get the maximum effect, you should listen to a few simple recommendations:

  1. The tool must be prepared immediately before use and exclusively from fresh products.
  2. The mask is applied in the direction from root to tip. In the scalp, it should be rubbed with massaging movements.
  3. After applying the head you need to warm, wearing a plastic bag and wrapping a towel.
  4. It is recommended to use such natural remedies twice a week.

Popular options

Now we are happy to share with you recipes.

Firming mask.For it, you need to chop 1 fresh cucumber, mix it with 1 egg and grind it in a coffee grinder. Pour 2 tbsp. olive oil, mix thoroughly and leave on hair for 20 minutes.

Nutritious.Beat 2 eggs until foam appears and add 3 tbsp. honey heated in a water bath. If you suffer from allergies to honey, then you can replace it with sugar. Keep on the hair for 60 minutes. It is possible to use such a mixture as a restoring procedure in the cold season, when the head of hair is suffering from beriberi.

For growth.To make the products you cook contributed to active hair growth, you can add a variety of oils in them. So, burdock will remarkably strengthen the curls, almond will help eliminate the problem of brittleness and split ends, castor will eliminate dandruff, and jojoba will be an assistant for those who suffer from excessive sensitivity of the scalp.

In addition, essential oils will give you not only the desired effect, but also the enjoyment of a wonderful smell.

According to the recipe, you need to take 2 eggs, beat and pour in the pre-heated to warm oil. Hold this tool for 1 hour.

For volume.For women who have always envied the owners of lush hair, can help the mask with honey and cinnamon. Extra volume guaranteed. To cook it at home you need to beat 2 eggs, add 1 tbsp. honey heated in a water bath and cinnamon powder. Apply the mask for 45 minutes.

Double Effect. Do you want curls to become thicker and more beautiful? Then you should try to prepare means for the care of dairy products. For these purposes, suitable kefir, natural yogurt without additives or milk.Why are they so useful? They perfectly feed and protect against UV rays.

At 1 tbsp. dairy product need to take 2 eggs. Beat everything thoroughly and apply for 1.5 hours.

By the way, you can achieve a really positive effect, preferring home-based, rather than store-based products. And to further enhance the effect, you can cook egg shampoo.

Natural, affordable products will give your curls beauty and a healthy glow. Be attractive always!

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