The problems of early marriage

Dreaming of marriage, a prince and a horse, you can start from the age of 3. At this age, girls literally immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales, in which there is always a happy ending and perfect love. Any good tale ends with a wedding and the words "they lived happily ever after."

Marrying in 18 years is normal, if you dream of marriage from the very childhood. But you have to be prepared for the fact that early marriages are not always for life.

It's too early to get married at age 18, which means taking a risk with your well-being. In humans, everything should take place gradually and such important steps in life committed at such an early age can erase everything. But there is another outcome.

You can not dub all under one template. Early marriage does not mean unhappy life. However, it is also not worth while to ignore the horrific statistics of divorces among young couples.

For some reason in Soviet times it was not so. About 20-30 years ago, our parents created families at the age of 18-20, and at the same time, the vast majority of those marriages are as strong as granite to this day. It is unlikely that the love of the older generation and the modern one had cardinal differences.It was just that upbringing was not so and there was no excessive love of freedom inherent in our youth.


To force you to get married in 18 years can various circumstances. They can make you extraordinarily happy, and they can cause a negative and a feeling of desolation.

The most pleasant reason for concluding a marital union at an early age is love. When young young people begin to experience strong, mutual feelings towards each other, it seems to them that this will be forever. The logical continuation of strong love is marriage and children. So young lovers are running in the registry office headlong. Love and not such actions will force to go.

Well when the desire to enter into a marriage occurs by agreement of two people and without compulsory circumstances. To such circumstances, as you probably guessed, is pregnancy. Loving and playing love are two different things. Often at a young age, young people do not think about how their carelessness can end. And faced with the first serious problem, they become helpless. In such cases, often the decision to enter into an early marriage is taken by their parents.

The desire to demonstrate their independence to society and family is another reason for marriage among young people. Marriage is a really important step in life. But, it is important not to forget that marriage is far from just a stamp in the passport.

No less common cause of marriage among young people is the banal desire to be different. The stamp in the passport allows you to stand out among the same age and increases self-esteem for some time, especially if there are a lot of people with unsettled personal life in their environment.


Having entered into a marriage at the age of 18, you are at great risk of introducing a large number of problems and pain into your measured life. After all, when the veil and dress is removed, the euphoria quickly passes, and instead it begins a routine and boring everyday life. The overwhelming majority of early marriages can highlight the main problems.

By marrying at such a young age, a girl can truly love her chosen one. But over time (after 5 years) relations in a pair begin to deteriorate rapidly. The reason is pretty simple. Adulthood, each of us is changing.

We begin to more deeply understand the world and ourselves.Our views on life can change dramatically, and this is normal. 95% of 30-year-olds will say that at 18 they were stupid, naive and ridiculous. Therefore, it is quite natural that at 25 years old, a wife will begin to make more demands on her husband. And he will be puzzled why his young girl began to turn into a capricious and unbearable woman. A permanent negative leads to a divorce.

Entering into an early marriage means to choose the only sexual partner in your life for many years, or even all the time. And not everyone is ready for this, especially when there are so many temptations around. Treason in early marriages can occur from both a man and a woman. The thirst to experience new emotions and experiences is often stronger than the feelings of young love.

Disappointment and indifference are the main problems of early marriage. Especially if the wedding took place against the will of the parents. In such a relationship, the girl and the boy want to prove to the relatives that they have done the right thing and are completely independent. But in the end the feelings in the pair cool down, constant scandals and misunderstanding begin. The tale collapses, and in its place comes the realization that your spouse absolutely does not care about you.

Lack of money and lack of prospects did not break the bottom of a young family.Deciding to marry early, you condemn yourself to the inability to get a decent education, and then work. And without them nowadays it’s hard to earn enough money.

It is especially difficult to get a specialty if you got married due to pregnancy. The constant lack of money for basic needs creates scandals. Girls always dream of a fabulous life and want their princes to provide all the benefits of civilization. And when in fact it turns out that you have no money for bread, and the husband is playing on the computer at that time, then the war begins.

In order to save the family, one must be able to adapt to the partner, and youthful maximalism often prevents to do so. Therefore, marriages are crumbling.

Advantages of unions

You can really meet the love of your life. Having married, you will grant yourself the happiness to live longer with an expensive person.

In addition, the baby born in an early marriage will be a joy to the young parents all their life. Much nicer to be a young mother, against the backdrop of adult women.

Early marriage is not only a test, but it is also possible to show one's wisdom.In order to build a strong family you will have to realize many things. But this is only more interesting. In any case, try to find a compromise and never refuse parents, even in the name of strong love. After all, it can fade away in a couple of years, and the love of parents is given to you for life.

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