The principles of the offices of the registrar

Electronic database

A great deal of work is being done by the civil registry offices to create an electronic archive. All records of birth, death, imprisonment and dissolution of marriage, adoption (adoption), paternity, and name changes stored in the archives of departments are made in it.
Sometimes these are entire libraries. However, the information stored in these books is confidential and protected by law. Therefore, in most regional offices, the work on the creation of the archive is carried out by the employees themselves without attracting additional personnel.
Creating an electronic database in the offices of the registrar, is undoubtedly a step forward. The search for archived data now no longer takes a lot of time and does not force visitors to accumulate in the corridors while waiting for their turn. The work of employees becomes transparent.
Applications for state registration of certain types of civil status can now be submitted electronically. However, there is clearly some contradiction.Proceeding from the norms of family law, it is important that there be persons in the registry offices of the applicants in order to verify their capacity, the compliance of the necessary documents with the established norms of the law, and the resolution of existing nuances. But the ability to choose the day and time of marriage registration can be called a positive thing.


All employees of the registry offices in their work should be guided by the norms of family, civil and other legislation. However, working with the public, they face different situations. It happens that a person comes to register a divorce, but for some reason the passport is not replaced in a timely manner with a new one. And if an employee of the registry office accepts his application for registration of divorce, it will be a violation of the law.
Many difficulties arise with citizens of other states. It is not always possible to find in international agreements the necessary norms governing specific relations. Yes, and in the Russian legislation, it would seem, everything is quite clearly spelled out, but some new circumstances are constantly appearing that are not reflected in it.
And how often does a civil registry office employee find himself in a difficult situation when a conflict arises between the law and a more dynamic life. And, nevertheless, it is necessary to find a way out of these situations. This is where professionalism manifests itself.
It should be agreed that the work in the registry offices is not easy. It requires patience, attentiveness, literacy and great responsibility. Here the law comes to life, embodied in concrete forms.

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