The premiere of the movie with Johnny Depp was canceled a month before the rental

Kevin Spacey is not the only non grata person in Hollywood. Johnny Depp can join him at any time. The scandalous reputation of a rowdy, an alcoholic has long been following the actor ... In addition, "men who beat women," and now, as it turned out, more men.

The film company Global Road Entertainment was forced to cancel the premiere of the film “City of Lies” with Johnny Depp (the picture was due to appear on September 7), due to accusations of assault and beatings, in which the leading man was accused by the film crew manager Greg Brooks. According to the plaintiff, one day, when the film was in full swing, he had a skirmish with Johnny, after which he attacked him and hit his ribs several times. The victim refused to sign a document not to disclose the incident and went to court for compensation for physical and moral damage.

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