The most talked about and honored books of 2017

Nobel Prize: Kazuo Ishiguro

Awarded since 1901

Nobel Prize: Kazuo Ishiguro

The 62-year-old British writer of Japanese descent, Kazuo Ishiguro, became famous for his novels “The Rest of the Day” (1989), “Don't Let Me Go” (2005) and “The Buried Giant” (2015). Awarding Ishiguro for his contribution to modern literature, the Nobel commission noted that his prose has incredible emotional power and exposes the illusory nature of the connection of our consciousness with the world. Literary critics compare the creative style of Kazuo Ishiguro with the writing features of Vladimir Nabokov, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust, and even ... Jane Austen.

Want to read the novels of postmodern, with a recognizable "alien" view of Japanese authors on the world - open dystopia about people-clones "Do not let me go" or fantasy parable "The Buried Giant". And if you love the story in the spirit of the series “Abbey of Downton”, do not miss the “most English” (according to critics) novel of the late twentieth century - “The Rest of the Day”. These are memories of an elderly English butler who is impeccable in his business.For the correct to the stiffness of Mr. Stevens, the past is beautiful, and the present scares him with indifference to the traditions and values ​​of previous generations. The book “The Rest of the Day” won the Booker Prize in the year of publication, so, perhaps, we would advise you to begin your acquaintance with the work of Ishiguro from this novel.

You can meet the challenge of each new era only by rejecting the old, sometimes dear to your heart orders

Pulitzer Prize: Colson Whitehead "Underground Railway"

Awarded since 1917

Pulitzer Prize: Colson Whitehead "Underground Railway"

Pulitzer Prize is a prestigious award in the field of literature, journalism, music and theater in the United States. In May 2017, her laureate was the New York writer Colson Whitehead. His novel "Underground Railway" was highly appreciated not only by critics, but also by simple readers: immediately after the publication in the States, the work became a bestseller.

The underground railway in America called the secret system of assistance to the escapes of dark-skinned slaves from the plantations of the south of the country to its north, where there was a strong movement of abolitionists — public figures who advocated the abolition of slavery. The main heroine of Whitehead, the slave Cora, runs from the despotic host along this very road, experiencing many scary adventures and absurd situations on the way.

In Russian, the book will be published in 2018.If you are interested in the new "Uncle Tom's Cabin", do not miss it!

Whites came to this land for new beginnings and to avoid the tyranny of their own oppressors ... But the ideals that they considered their own were denied to others by these values.

International Booker Prize: David Grossman "A horse walks into a bar"

Has been awarded since 2005

International Booker Prize: David Grossman "A horse walks into a bar"

Another book in our collection, not yet translated into Russian. In anticipation of the Russian-language edition, you can read another famous novel by the Israeli writer David Grossman - “With whom to run” (2000). Or shine with knowledge of Hebrew or English, to read the work without delay.

The phrase “A horse walks into a bar” begins many foreign jokes. And the book also begins with a curiosity: a retired judge Avishai Lezer, not at all a fan of noisy clubs and artists of conversational genre, receives an invitation to a stand-up evening from his friend, comedian Dov Greenstein, performing under the stage name Dove Ji. After deliberation, Lezer decides to support Dov, whose number to others seems only a series of sparkling jokes, and Avishai understands that this is confession.Just why does she need a friend?

“I want you to look at me, really look at me, and say ...”

- Said that?

- Who do you see

Andrei Bely Prize: Viktor Pelevin "iРhuck 10"

Has been awarded since 1978

Andrei Bely Prize: Viktor Pelevin "iРhuck 10"

This is the first independent literary prize, which appeared in the USSR. Last year, the award in the "Prose" category was awarded to Victor Pelevin for his novel with a provocative title "iRhuck 10", the fifteenth in the writer's work.

Many characters in the novel - the embodiment of artificial intelligence. Such, for example, is the ambitious and talented investigator Porfiry Petrovich (greetings to Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment"), he is also the author of detectives. Its temporary owner is the art historian Mara, who needs the genius Porfiry to carry out some secret plans. Pelevin in the new book poses not only the problem of the relationship between the human mind and the computer, but also the problem of the essence, the value of contemporary art, as well as the gender splitting and the change of natural sexuality to the digital in the world of the near future (the place and time of the novel - Russia of the second half of the 21st century) .

Life in civilization is a special thing. You have to pay for everything; even for what you do not need

Russian Booker Prize: Alexandra Nikolaenko “Kill Bobrykin. The Story of One Murder 

Awarded since 1992

 Russian Booker Prize: Alexandra Nikolaenko “Kill Bobrykin. The Story of One Murder

In this novel, a modern interpretation is given of the theme of the little man, a backbone for Russian classical literature. The plot of the book, however, is closer not to realism, but to the misanthropic absurdity in the spirit of Benedict Erofeev and Tatiana Tolstoy.

Sasha Shishin's "humiliated and insulted" two enemies - neighbor Bobrykin, married to Tanechka, Shishin's first and only love, and ... his own mother, who raised her son alone and never had tender feelings for him. Both Sasha dreams to kill (but above all the lucky neighbor), then to run with his beloved to Australia.

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