The most interesting dramatic films of all time

Modern society can no longer imagine itself without such an important aspect of life as cinema. The world film industry annually releases hundreds of new and fresh films that lure with their new stories, special effects and popular actors, which is to say, spend 2-3 hours in front of the TV broadcasting your favorite movie - sometimes the most desirable and relaxing activity.

To disconnect from the world of their own problems and issues, a person with a head dipped into the fictional world of cinema, which copes well with the task.

Her Majesty

A special place among the universal stream of special effects, bright colors, fictional characters and high-quality pictures, occupies one of the most ancient genres of world art - drama. In the cinema, it was no coincidence that it migrated from a congenial theater.

Drama appeared in ancient times, which is not surprising, because humanity has always tormented countless questions,to which it was difficult to find answers, all these thoughts and poured into meaningful and fascinating theatrical performances.

The name “drama” has a completely unambiguous translation, “action”, the main characteristic of this genre, which will be able to explain in a few words the whole essence, this is the juxtaposition of the personal life, thoughts and actions of the main character with public opinion and principles.

Interesting movie

As a rule, in the drama you will not see colossal special effects and spectacles, everything is built on human feelings, experiences, contradictions and interactions of the main characters. Not without reason, drama films very quickly became one of the most beloved and popular among ordinary people, because they reveal the essence, often carry a deeper meaning and show the real life of people from the outside.

The best drama films are able to tell a lot about things, some of them even make you think, maybe even make you want to change something in your own life. Dramas can tell about complex human relationships, about problems within the family, about love and its shortcomings, and there’s a lot about it, the main thing is that in the characters everyone can meet himself or his friend.

Why do people like to watch dramatic films?

Perhaps, precisely because the genre of cinematography is based on a person, a specific person who can love, suffer, experience, get into desperate situations, find a solution or not.

This is not a fictitious fight against mythical monsters, not utopian stories about the future, not feigned love troubles, this is the reality that each of us faced.

Drama is exactly the movie that needs to be watched carefully, sometimes even once is not enough, revising, you discover something new, this is the beauty of this genre. Here the main thing is monologues or dialogues of the main characters, their actions and behavior, scenes are replaced one another consistently, without sharp jumps.

These films make you think

Particular meaning is borne by the background, decorations, which become not just a frame adornment, but a kind of addition that helps to understand the feelings and experiences of the main characters.

First impressions of viewing dramatic films can be very ambiguous, viewers begin to argue over the actions of the main characters, condemn or support them, thereby proving once again the genius of such creations.Quality assurance is the fact that a person does not reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of the picture, but directly reflects on its plot.

The destinies of people are different

But it happens, of course not always, in order not to spend 2 hours in the void, it is necessary to select only the most interesting and strong films, in which the actors really manage to convey to the viewer the entire psychological depth and features of a particular plot.

What problems does it affect?

For many people, it remains incomprehensible, but how does a drama differ, for example, from the same melodrama? Or tragedy? As it turned out, there are differences and important ones. For example, the plot of a melodrama, more often than not, is centered on romantic and romantic relationships between people, it reveals the feelings and the spiritual world of the characters, which, due to some emotional and life circumstances, are subjected to a certain number of tests.

Drama is a picture with a deep emotional intensity, traditionally the plot is based on the life of a specific character, the romantic story here also has a place, but not as widely as in melodrama.

Good actress

The main problems that are considered in the films of this genre will always find their audience, because they, at least once, indirectly, but met in the life of the viewer.

These may be the perennial problems of children and fathers, the collapse of a familiar and happy life of seemingly strong families, the premature tragic death of a loved one, quiet or open hatred between different segments of the population, the poor and the rich, light and dark, and perhaps the abyss that appeared between two loving people.

Man is capable of much

Often dramas end with a sad or tragic end, the main character or his close person may die, but perhaps happy endings or at least those that promise a possible positive development of future events.

Today, a lot of new dramatic films appear on the screens, but to look at really high-quality and interesting works, you will have to work with the search. Someone will be closer to Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian paintings, and someone will suit movies from a foreign version, and those, and those are good in their own way, but it is always interesting to watch what is as close as possible in spirit.

What dramatic films are worth watching?

So that you do not have to guess and search, we decided to help you a little and choose a list of the best, in our opinion, dramatic paintings that hit not only the story lines,but also a bright and convincing game of actors, a quality picture and excellent direction.

The list includes paintings that have already become classics for a long time, as well as those that appeared in the sky of cinema quite recently, but have already managed to win enthusiastic opinions of the audience, as well as a decent amount of prestigious film awards.

  1. “The Wolf of Wall Street”, (2013);
  2. “12 years of slavery”, (2013);
  3. “Brest Fortress” (2010);
  4. Awakening, (1990);
  5. “I would be in heaven”, (2010);
  6. "Escape from the Shawshank", (1994);
  7. Schindler's List, (1993);
  8. “The Silence of the Lambs” (1990);
  9. Pay Another, (2000);
  10. Planet Ka-Pak, (2001);
  11. “Do not let me go”, (2010);
  12. “Crew” (2012);
  13. "Battle Horse", (2012);
  14. “Dalla Buyers Club”, (2013);
  15. Cocaine, (2001);
  16. “The Weapon Baron” (2005);
  17. "Requiem for a Dream", (2000);
  18. "The Departed", (2006);
  19. Green Mile, (1999);
  20. "Django the Liberated", (2012).
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