The most fashionable swimwear of Russian brands

These swimsuits sit like a glove and can cause envy in a hammock neighbor, even if her name is Pamela.


PACHE swimwear is extremely ambiguous in its simplicity. On the one hand, they are made in a minimalist design, you can not argue with that. On the other hand, their conciseness is so provocative that it requires both a good figure and remarkable courage. But the founder of the brand, Anastasia Parasyuk, took on this idea for the following reason: in the assortment of stores, she lacked monochrome models without decor. And, without thinking twice, she went to the studio to remove bikinis by her own patterns. This is how the brand with a mysterious name was born, which means “more precisely, more precisely, better” in Old Russian. And the best this season (and part-time bestsellers), according to the designer, nude swimsuits, creating the deceptive effect of the naked body.

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