The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories (Powerful Healing Process)

The healing touch of memories

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There's something about the holidays, I guess it's all the memories of Christmas past. As we get older, it seems more of those memories come forward to tap us on the shoulder: long-term memory versus short term memory, the sweet reminder of aging.

I remember my dad meticulously hanging tinsel on the tree. Do you remember silver foil tinsel? I'm sure he wasn't as meticulous about it as my mom was but to him, a Christmas tree wasn't complete without it. Strand by strand, it went onto the tree, I guess to resemble drops of ice. We always opened our presents on Christmas Eve. I remember Dad leaving the dinner table to run around to the front door to jingle bells and make sounds of Santa arriving then swiftly leaving our front porch. It was a lovely old hacienda-style California tract home, with ivy growing all over the porch posts.

Mom made thumbprint cookies, fudge and date bars thick with nuts, dates and brown sugar and oats, from a recipe she got from my kindergarten teacher. She also made candied orange peels. I've never been able to make them like she did. I remember the Christmas my parents were going to surprise my three older sisters with a new hi-fi record player and radio combination, mahogany cabinet shining. It was the latest model, of course. I got to be in on the surprise as the little one when we went to the music store, the one on Main Street with the animated Christmas display in the window. Dad bought a record of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas to go with it for my teenaged sisters.

The wonder continued as I had children of my own, always being aware we were making memories. Streudel, thick with apricot jam, nuts, coconut and golden raisins, my mom's cheeseball for a salty bite among all the sweets, and fruitcake, soaked in brandy filled only with wonderful ingredients; none of that bitter stuff, just candied cherries, pineapple, raisins and currants with tons of pecans. My fruitcake is just like the Helms bakery truck used to deliver to our house every year. It's a shame fruitcake has received such a bad rap because it can be wonderful. I hope all of the memories my children have are as wonderful as my memories of childhood are to me. Now, with my beautiful grandchildren, I am ever mindful of that same wonderful opportunity. Making memories, now, always making memories. Hope your holidays are bright, joyous and full of the season of giving.


Last Updated:12/26/2006
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