The couple bought a mini-apartment of 28 sq. M. The architectural bureau created a small miracle, the transformation was radical.

  • Anonymous

    and how much did such a miracle cost?

  • Anonymous

    A good idea. For the Russian is not very convenient. Evenings in front of the TV are usually dinner at a table with endless running around the kitchen. And here the kitchen TV is closed.

  • And I did not like it. Not a comfortable apartment turned out.

  • Veronica

    And where do they store the mattress, when the bath is a bath and not the basis for a bed? And if one is already asleep, and the second just came from work and he needs a bath?
    In general, a complete mess, not an "architectural miracle."

  • Irina Ataevna Romanova

    The dead-end branch of development. A person must live comfortably, having enough space, and it is unacceptable to drive people into cells!

    • Anonymous

      Correctly Irina Ataevna passion fruit.

    • just a woman

      The project is very interesting modern and youthful in spirit)) Snobs and grumblers are not recommended)))

  • Dmitriy

    The price of repair is comparable to the price of the apartment itself. And so it turned out fine.
    On the other hand, I made my apartment 28m2 without any transformations and it was very spacious.

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