The best hair growth products

Burdock and castor oil masks - life hacking, inherited from our grandmothers and mothers - even if they work for 99.9%, but using them is rather inconvenient. Moreover, after such experiments it is not always possible to thoroughly wash the hair (especially if you are in a hurry somewhere), and instead of soft and well-groomed, they turn into a pile of unwashed and greasy. Especially for the very busy and skeptical of folk methods, we talk about the best hair growth products that are sold freely available.

Mask for hair growth 3 in 1 with pepper, Compliment Naturalis

The budget and quite economical in application mask that works in three directions at once: prevents hair loss, strengthens the hair, awakens hair follicles. The composition is quite impressive: in addition to the extract of hot pepper, which is responsible for accelerating blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating hair growth, the mask contains provitamin B5, vanilla extract, cetrimonium chloride, cetearyl alcohol and hydrolyzed keratin.The chemical ingredients present in the product have pronounced caring properties: softening, conditioning, antiseptic, firming, smoothing. After regular use of the mask, the hair literally comes to life, becomes shiny, elastic, strong, healthy, thick and docile. Electrification decreases. The only thing to consider is that after applying you may feel a slight burning effect, but you should not be afraid - this is a normal reaction to pepper.

The best hair growth products

Mask for hair growth 3 in 1 with pepper, Compliment Naturalis (141 rubles).

Aminexil Force R, Kerastase

Intensive course, consisting of 42 ampoules, promises simply amazing results! It is enough to use one ampoule every day, as after 6 weeks the hair loss will stop, the curls will become thick, dense, soft and strong, and they will also shine, as if after keratin straightening. The only minus of ampoules is their cost. It significantly "bites", but, according to clinical trials, the effect of Aminexil Force R is almost the same as from plasma therapy or mesotherapy for hair, only without the need for injection. Some of these ampoules even helped to cope with the beginning of alopecia!

The best hair growth products

Intensive course for hair loss Aminexil Force R, Kerastase (3 980 rub.)

Extreme Caviar Essential Energizing Bio-Regenerative for Vitamin Reinforcing, Miriam Quevedo

Bio-repairing serum for weak and damaged hair, which stimulates their growth. The tool deeply nourishes, restores and protects curls from the negative effects of the environment. Thanks to its natural ingredients (extracts of black caviar, horse chestnut and green tea, floral water, protein and multivitamin complexes, hydrolyzed keratin, provitamin B5), the serum awakens dormant hair follicles, moisturizes the scalp, softens the hair, restores natural radiance, healthy appearance, silkiness and elasticity. Among other things, the tool has a calming and healing effect, eliminating dryness, itching and flaking of the scalp, as well as fighting dandruff and seborrhea.

The best hair growth products

Serum Extreme Caviar Essential Energizing Bio-Regenerative for Vitamin Reinforcing, Miriam Quevedo (4 560 rub.)

Tonique Vivifiant, Leonor Greyl

Firming tonic stimulates growth, strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss. The extracts of agave, yeast, wild carrot, forest beech, mimosa, riboflavin, soy proteins and other ingredients act directly on the scalp, comprehensively solving the problem of loss.In addition, the tool improves the hair structure, facilitates combing, makes the curls shiny and smooth, removes electrification and improves the volume at the roots. Tonic can be used instead of a styling product, as well as every day after washing your head.

The best hair growth products

Tonic Tonique Vivifiant, Leonor Greyl (5 600 rub.)

Oxi Mousse, Lovien Essential

Oxygen air mousse, which absorbed a whole complex of organic and active ingredients, plant extracts and multivitamins. It works in several directions at once: it normalizes the production of sebum, stimulates hair growth and the activity of the hair bulb, gently cleanses the scalp and creates a good volume at the roots. As part of the mousse you can find rosemary, peppermint, pine needles, and, of course, oxygen, on which everything is tied. It has an unobtrusive aroma, is easy to use (even on the road) and is very economical. This is a real must-have at any time of the year, which can fully replace shampoo, peeling for the head, conditioner and styling agent.

The best hair growth products

Oxygen Mousse Oxi Mousse, Lovien Essential (1 976 rub.)

Lozione Urto Trivalente, Guam UPKer

Triple action lotion with a natural composition allows you to cope with several problems: prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff, wake up hair follicles.The tool has a powerful cleansing, toning and soothing effect. With regular use of lotion hair becomes much thicker, thicker, stronger, gain a healthy shine, less often need to be washed, the feeling of dryness, tightness and itching disappears. Lotion does not require flushing, does not have an irritating aroma, does not clog pores, but, on the contrary, stimulates their self-cleaning. Includes extracts of seaweed Undaria pinnatifida, kelp, fucus, apple stem cells, rosemary, tea tree and menthol essential oils, vitamins F, H, E, extracts of cloves, ginger, nutmeg, aloe, black pepper.

The best hair growth products

Lotion Lozione Urto Trivalente, Guam UPKer (1 180 rub.)

Hair Oil Growth, Huilargan

A unique oil that is easily washed off from the hair does not leave a fatty film behind it and does not clog pores. It is very easy to use, treats the cause of hair loss, stopping the process, relieves dandruff and dryness, intensively nourishes and restores damaged hair, increases collagen density, thickens the hair shaft, “seals” split ends and gives hair a beautiful and healthy look. Oil makes the hair soft, shiny and silky, protects them from the harmful effects of the environment and facilitates stacking.The composition of the tool includes a complex of several oils: chamomile, burdock, wheat, almond, red pepper, avocado, castor, sesame, apricot, caraway, grape, macadamia, as well as nutritious vitamin E.

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