Textile! 30 ideas for packing from fabric

The author: Anna Vertunova

September is on fire. We will not have time to blink an eye, as it is time to prepare for a series of New Year holidays. And at least I want to do everything not at the last moment. I will not give lectures that the form is no less important than the content, and I will share those gift wrapping options that seemed interesting to me.

Historically, we like paper packaging more and use it more often. It is understandable - it is cheap, easy to make independently, effectively. With a fabric a little harder, but if you already make friends with her, thanks to the plasticity you can achieve amazing effects. And, most likely, such a wrapper will not be in the garbage can, but it will also serve the bestowed - twice as nice.

In the eastern versions, even sewing is not necessary - just figure out how to wrap:

With the embodiment of these ideas, exactly everyone will cope:

Still, stamps on plain fabric look great:

And here in general went to the dress shirt. Why not?!

Here, too, everything is simple, but impressive:

What only from jeans have not done. And let's pack some presents into it! Looks very stylish:

With the rest of the options have to tinker a bit, but it's worth it:

I will definitely try this year to pack at least some of the gifts in textiles. I hope that you also liked some of these ideas.

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