Tesla transformer on Kacher Brovin from 220 volts

The circuit is powered by a 220 V mains voltage which, before going to the main generator part of the kacher, is rectified through diode D1 and lowered by means of a choke, I used a 12 volt transformer as a choke that is turned on by winding 220 simply speaking we take two wires to The transformer is connected to a network of 220 and one of them is also connected to 220 and the second is used to power the kacher to the capacitor C1. Now let's move on to resistors, R2 can be used with average power, I used Soviet medium size, as for R1, I simply did not have such a naminal and I used 4 to 12 KΩ  highpowerandallresistorsremainedcoldevenafteralongwork.Nowlet'stouchthetransistorwiththemostscarcepartoftheinstallation.KT828canonlybetakenasalastresortifthereisnowaytogetimportedones,namely,thePanasonicS5244Atransistorshowedexcellentperformance.butdonotrepeatmymistakesdonottrytoremovethethrottleorputverysmall,inmycase,Iremoveditaltogetherandthetransistorexplodedrathernotweakly.Youcanuseand  2SA1943 and similar with such parameters of voltage and current, the transistor as usual in these cases is placed on the radiator.

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