Ten most expensive spices in the world

Imagine for a moment that all the dishes disappeared spices. Would we then distinguish between Japanese and Indian cuisine? Would we like overseas sushi or real Uzbek pilaf? Without spices, cooking would be incomplete, and the dishes would be tasteless.

In ancient times whole expeditions were sent for the seasonings, because they were really worth their weight in gold. At present, their choice is very large, and many of them are quite accessible to us. But there are some, whose price is noted even in the Guinness Book of Records, as the highest in the world among spices. And before you the ten most expensive of them.

Fragrant and tasty

For what product in the world markets are ready to give huge sums?

  1. Wild ginseng root. At the fair of the countries of Northeast Asia, the stand with this seasoning is safely guarded. And not for nothing, because 80-gram pack of such spice costs about $ 1.5 million, being the most expensive in the world. This plant is found exclusively in the wild, and, according to the Chinese, is able to prolong youth, heal from many diseases and give vitality.
  2. Saffron.Thanks to his medicinal properties, Alexander the Great healed the consequences of wounds in battles. 1 kg of this spice costs about 6 thousand dollars. Such a high price is due to the fact that it is collected manually. The process is very painstaking - to get only 500 g of spices, it is necessary to collect from 40 to 100 thousand flowers, each of which has several stamens. They represent the real value. Saffron has a special bitter taste, and its natural color makes it possible to use it as a natural dye in the food industry.
  3. Vanilla. It would seem that it will not surprise anyone, but for 1 kg of quality vanilla will have to pay about 1000 dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive condiments. If you comply with all storage conditions, then its smell will remain original for 40 years. Studies confirm that the aroma of vanilla contributes to the production of serotonin - a hormone of happiness.
  4. Mace. To get this spice, it is necessary to remove a thin red film from the nutmeg fruit and dry it. This is usually done on bamboo sheets. Such seasoning is sold in the form of solid films or powder, respectively, the price can vary from 100 to 600 dollars per 1 kg.Add nutmeg color can be in almost any dish, except fish and mushroom.
  5. Pink pepper. Another seasoning, claiming to be the most expensive. Her homeland is South America, where peppers grow on trees. Externally, the fruits resemble ordinary pepper, but the taste is more sweet and not so sharp. To preserve its original color, the berries are first frozen, then pickled and salted. Pink pepper perfectly complements the taste of fish and seafood.
  6. Cardamom. Per kilogram of such seasoning will have to pay about $ 350. It has a special mix of flavors, in which you can find notes of lemon, eucalyptus and camphor. If you want the spice to retain its smell longer, buy whole boxes of the plant.
  7. Kalgan. This ginger plant is also among the top most expensive spices. It tastes like ginger, but is more bitter and spicy. Kulgan is often used to prepare myrrh used in church worship.
  8. Juniper. For 1 kg of juniper bushes you will be asked 30 dollars. The true taste of this spice can be felt in sauces and marinades. Juniper will give a pleasant aroma and taste to meat.But it is worth remembering that in large quantities this seasoning can be harmful to health.
  9. Asafoetida. Many are deterred by the "popular name" of the plant, because because of the sharp and not very pleasant smell, asafetida is often called "devil's excrement." But in the process of heat treatment, the plant acquires a pleasant onion-garlic smell and an acrid taste.
  10. Iowan. This spice is better known as Indian cumin or zira. Value represents the seed of a ripe fruit. Zira is often added to dishes from lentils, as well as to mutton and horse meat.

Spices are a special part of the culinary business. Their correct choice and use is one of the main conditions for the success of your dish.

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