Telepathy: how to develop?


Telepathy can occur in any person, but the manifestation occurs at different levels. Now scientists say: between people and the rest of the world, the cosmos. This is due to the fact that a person can tune in to energy promises, information emanating from space. Depression, emotional depression, loss of strength under adverse weather conditions are not reliable, convincing evidence of the situation regarding telepathy, because scientists are interested in conducting research.

Initially, the gift transmitted by higher powers is manifested in units. If desired, and aspiration, each person will come into contact with the true “I”, will receive a chance for the development of telepathy, will find application in life.

Telepathy: how to develop?

Pursuing the development of abilities, there is a way to transfer feelings and emotions, thoughts, despite the lack of traditional communication links. Distance ceases to play an important role in this process.

Despite the chance to use telepathy for the good, many people do not dare to show telepathy in life. People occasionally try to develop skills on their own.Despite this, the makings exist for everyone.

People who live together for a long time note that they feel each other’s emotional and psychological feelings.


Telepathy is served by development with the right approach, but at the same time a person takes on additional responsibility, as he must take into account morality and ethics when planning actions to be taken. Developed abilities should not negatively affect the lives of other people. When planning to commit self-serving and destructive actions with the use of telepathic skills, a person is confronted with excessive dangers that are not amenable to adequate control.

Skills development is a possible task. Wanting to increase the chances of success, you should set a goal in front of you. The goal should be different. Greed and attempt to infringe on the rights of others should be absent. For correct and full-fledged use of telepathic skills, developed good health, resistance to influences on the mental state will be required.

Telepathy: how to develop?

Telepathy Research

During a telepathic connection, logical thinking and human consciousness are not involved. The basis is the intuition that is given to development.People at the point, the energy level are tuned to each other. In fact, scientific methods make it difficult to confirm the energetic, sensual connection between people. Most research conducted by scientists fails. This situation leads to the next turn of events: skeptics report that telepathy is fiction, fictions that do not deserve attention. The reliability of the results obtained during the experiments allows to obtain certain conclusions.

In America, in California, a symposium was held in 1969. Representatives of different countries gathered at the symposium. A presentation took place at the event, which made it possible to better understand how things are going on regarding telepathy. Prior to this, the successful completion of the experiment, which revealed the directions, the basics of telepathy, took place. The experiment led to obtaining objective data. The results are applied in the scientific world as evidence of the existence of telepathy.

In 1971, official US telepathy sessions appeared in the US media.Sessions were conducted during the expedition for the interaction of people left on Earth, and astronauts who went into space on the ship. At the moment when the ship was leaving the planet in the direction of the Moon, Mitchell discovered the ability to telepathy. The astronaut returned to earth after a successful flight, having learned that he transmitted about 200 images to the Earth from a special deck, and the coincidence reached 51 times. Despite the fact that success was only 25%, the result was favorable. In fact, the probability of an event is almost unreal.

Experiments and studies, experiments under the participation of experienced researchers continued in different countries of the world. Events were held not only under normal conditions, but also in extreme situations when other communication channels were out of access. Studies prove that telepathy does not depend on any other fields, since it is a unique factor that manifests itself, without external influences. Experiments are still being conducted in Europe and America, with the results of each event being revealed to the public.

Telepathy: how to develop?

Experiments prove the existence of a bioinformation connection between people and plants. This aspect was discovered during the experiments. The discovery of communication has become an incidental component, manifested from an important angle. Such results prove the unity of nature, the whole world, the cosmos.

The carried out researches are proofs of existence of communication between people and plants, space. Information passes through different levels, so there is an interaction in each case. The source of information are various life events, thoughts and plans, feelings and emotions. Information is the structure of the image, when it comes to plants, leading vegetative activity. Contact in the outside world is the basis of balance in space and the universe. At the same time, the human factor is completely excluded. The research results confirm the existence of biophysical structures that manifest themselves at the level of psychology, psyche, thinking. Structures exist outside the human body and do not depend on vital functions. For this reason, the plant serves as a sensor that captures the structure, sends under favorable conditions.

Parapsychologists are inclined to the following: the results of research and experiments confirm the presence of a highly developed civilization and a chance to communicate through telepathy. Perhaps the plants are not as simple as they say.

Stages of development of telepathy


The person who decides to engage in the development of telepathy, goes through several steps leading to the achievement of the goal.


How to achieve the desired results?

Be open to your feelings, believe in existing forces, find inner potential. Open telepathy, knowing the face of the natural personality, the real "I". Take a few cards with a variety of geometric shapes. Do not look at the cards. Apply leaflets to the forehead, where the third eye is located, concentrating. Think about what picture you took, try to feel. Regular training will allow you to guess the pictures.
Learn the exercises, focusing on emotional feelings, inner world. Guess which passengers leave at the next stop, what people think. Do not use excessive force. Do the tasks with ease.Concentrate on the question, but relax to find the answer, do not worry. The correct inner message will tune in to decent results. After a time, you will appreciate the effect.
Control your thoughts. You control the words you pronounce. This is not always an easy task, but it can be managed. Control not only words, but also thoughts, dreams. The presence of pure, sincere thoughts, the lack of negativity in one's soul will allow one to purify oneself on the inner level, discover positive traits of character, and lay the foundation for further development.

The third stage is a serious task, to which you refer appropriately. Telepathy changes the life of a person and his surrounding people, opens up opportunities for development in the chosen direction. Eliminating the negative, use the developed ability for the benefit of themselves, not trying to harm other people.

Telepathy: how to develop?

Effective exercise

To develop telepathy, perform exercises regularly. Give up standard communication, communicating on a mental level with a loved one. Find a partner and arrange with him about training at a certain time.

A person who accepts must sit in a suitable position and relax, perform a preliminary adjustment, tune in to the information and thoughts coming from the partner. First, use simple and close words that can be guessed in the shortest possible time. Remember the person, the features of his behavior, wanting to achieve success in regular exercise. A visual presentation will allow to transmit information, to capture emotions and feelings, as a result of which opportunities for telepathy will be revealed over time.

The process is fascinating and original, although it will take a lot of time, effort, real desire.


Do not treat training as a normal entertainment, because otherwise it is undesirable to count on the effect.


Evaluate the incoming information correctly, because it determines how it will manifest itself, whether it will bring good or not. For this reason, it is not so easy to achieve success as we would like.

For the correct interpretation of the received information, imagine a person, think about him, and not about the peculiarities of a personal nature, perception of events from your side.In connection with this aspect, the control of emotions, thoughts is a significant task, since otherwise telepathy will not take place.

Telepathy can be dangerous, so control the influence of abilities on life. Act for the good of yourself and other people, take responsibility for each act committed.

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