Sweethearts of a beloved man and beloved girl touching to tears: Gentle romantic declarations of love and how a loved one is needed

009To read poems to your beloved, in gentle rhymed lines say: “I love you, really miss you, I need you” ... Is there a way to admit your feelings more beautifully and to tears to touch a girlfriend, beloved woman or wife? Of course, no, and absolutely all men agree with this, including the most strict, restrained and serious. For ladies, this option is also quite relevant and many modern girls often follow the path of Pushkin's Tatiana and write gentle letters in verses with beautiful and touching love confessions to their boyfriends, loved ones and husbands, send savory poetic lines wishing you a good morning or good night .Such cute tokens leave no one indifferent and saturate the relationship with additional warmth and romance.

Short poems beloved man in the distance - I miss you and I love to tears

When lovers are near and spend together every free minute, their hearts are knocked in unison and nothing breaks this beautiful idyll. However, sometimes it happens that people, due to certain life circumstances, have to part for a period of time. Of course, this does not mean that love in such a situation dies and tender feelings fade away ... Just lovers, separated by distance, experience some discomfort and suffer very much from the fact that they cannot look into the most desirable eyes and are not able to hear the sound of the most dear world of heart. And if men, by virtue of greater restraint of nature, try to hide their experiences, then women, on the contrary, want to ease the soul and let their emotions out. Some at this moment start a diary and write down all the words that accumulate in the heart, while others look for solace in poetry and turn their thoughts into short poems dedicated to the beloved man.In the rhymed lines they talk about how they miss their loved one and how they long for his speedy return. Such touching poems to tears take for the soul, penetrate into the depths of the heart and awaken the most reverent, bright feelings in everyone.



I miss very much ... what else can I say?
I used a thin thread to bind you with me.
Although there is no such strings, but there is in the shower
The feelings that tied us up already.


Darling, it's so hard for me
To accept your absence.
And this word - “far” -
Does not allow to have fun ...
Come back soon, love burns,
She will wing us through the world!


I can't hear your heart now
I do not see mischievous and kind eyes.
Beloved, in life you are the most important thing,
I only realized it.

Beautiful lofty verses to a beloved man - tender declarations of love to tears


The most beautiful thing a man hears in his life is a tender declaration of love from a woman. Some ladies talk about their feelings with simple words and prose phrases, while others try to pleasantly surprise a loved one and devote beautiful, sublime and sensual poems to a beloved man. In the beautiful and melodic rhymed lines, women talk abouthow happy they were to meet such a wonderful, reliable, devoted person on their way and how they want to spend with him every moment of their life. Each phrase of the work reflects the most sincere impulses of a woman’s loving heart, who is eager to give the desired man loyalty, care, attention and the warmest, tender and touching happiness.


You are not at all like
But this is only at first glance.
Are you happy? You know me too.
And everything will be fine with us.

In my confession there is no flattery:
“Without feeling, life is zero.
We can do a lot if together!
I love you immensely! ”


I want to confess to you in love
I want to touch the shoulder
I want to smile with happiness
And every day to meet you,

Give your love and faith,
I am near - just call,
You can be completely sure
In my great love for you!


Beautiful day, it is created for
To confess love today ...
After all, everyone in life is looking for his
And everyone wants to truly fall in love!

Love you - I want to whisper,
But for the whole world to hear it,
You are the best - to shout to the whole world,
To shudder the whole planet!

Tender short poems from a friend to a beloved boyfriend about love and how he is needed


When a girl feels strong feelings for her young man, she wants him not only to guess, but to know for sure. However, it’s not always possible to tell about your bright feelings with simple, accessible words. Sometimes emotions are so overwhelming that a girl has all the thoughts out of her head, except for one related to the love of her boyfriend. This is where gentle, short poems about the most sublime feelings that can be devoted to the subject of your passion come in handy. In warm and light rhymed lines, it is easy to express the feelings that have long been settled in the heart, tell about the most sincere, devoted love and let the dear person know how much he is needed. Such a pleasant surprise will charm a man and make him treat his girlfriend even better, more tender and trembling.


I need you madly
and so life was not in vain
The most caring and intelligent
when you're around, I'm happy then!

I need you madly
your eyes are dizzy!
My gentle, affectionate, beloved
With you I want to be near, I always!


You are my favorite person
I feel great with you!
I like to whisper in my ear
it's all very clear to us

Feelings in our heart settled down for ages
And very bad when you are not around.
I need you very dear
you are my favorite man!


My love cannot be described in words
in your eyes I see the world of miracles.
And you want to cry with heaven
you are my favorite person!

After all, the stars I do not ask from the sky
only one dream now,
I will meet our really looking forward
I think hours with minutes.

Short sms in verse for his girlfriend - I love you and miss you, good morning, good night


You can wish a good night or good morning to the sweet and anxious short sms in verses, remind you again of your tender feelings and say about love. “I need you”, “I miss you without me” - these simple phrases, imbued with poetic lyrics, will touch the heart of any young lady and make you think how lucky she is to meet such a dedicated, reliable, caring and sensitive man in her life path. After all, it is far from always the success of relationships is determined by expensive gifts, bouquets of a hundred roses and regular trips to restaurants. More often, the key to the happiness of two people is sincerity,mutual understanding and desire to constantly delight each other with small but very touching surprises and pleasant signs of attention, among which short sms in love poems are not the least important.


How I want to be near now
To wish good morning
You touch a gentle look
And timidly kiss the cheek.


My love, good night.
You quietly close your eyes ...
I hope, all the same in the middle of the night
In the dream you will see me.


My beautiful, beloved flower,
Not earthly your beauty,
I like every one of your petals,
You and my happiness and dream.

Beautiful romantic poems of Russian classic poets to the beloved woman


No one wrote more beautiful, romantic poems about beloved women than Russian classic poets. In their works, earthly beauties turned into goddesses worthy of the most sublime and reverent worship. Beautiful ladies were erected on a pedestal and praised in the most elegant, sophisticated and sensual expressions.

Today, poems that came out from the pen of Pushkin, Lermontov, Blok and other recognized masters of literature enjoy immense success.With the help of lyrical lines, men admit to love and congratulate their women on various holidays. The grace and beauty of the melodious works allow the strong sex to properly express their feelings, and modern ladies are given the opportunity to feel like real romantic heroines.


I believe: I love; for the heart you need to believe.
No, my love can not be hypocritical;
All unfeigned in her: desires languishing heat,
Timid shyness, has a priceless gift,
Dresses and speeches are pleasant negligence
And affectionate names are infant tenderness.

A. Pushkin


She was beautiful as a dream.
Child under the luminary of the southern countries;
Who will explain what beauty means:
Chest full or slender, flexible mill,
Or big eyes? - but sometimes
All this we do not call beauty:
A mouth without words — no one could love;
Gaze without fire - without the smell of a flower!
Oh heaven, I swear, she was
Beautiful! .. I was burning, I trembled,
When curls, escaping from the brow,
Silk met his golden hand,
I was ready to fall at her feet,
Give her the will, life, and paradise, and everything,
To get one, one look
Of those whom all bliss is poison!



Your camp is built like church candles.
Your gaze is swept through by swords.
Maiden, I do not expect a dazzling meeting -
Give, like a monk, to go up to the fire!
Happiness is not required. Laski is not necessary.
Do I offend you with caress?
Just as an artist, I look beyond the fence,
Where do you pick flowers - and love!
Past, all by - you are driven by the wind -
The sun of Palima - Mary! Allow me
To a look - to see the cherub above you,
Heart - taste the sweetest pain!
Quietly I weave into dark curls
Secret poems precious diamond.
Eagerly loving heart I throw
In the dark source of shining eyes.

A. Block

Poems to a girl about love - how to tell your beloved that she is the most beautiful


To confess to a girl or woman in love and say that she is the most beautiful ... At first glance, there is nothing difficult in this, but how many guys and men are confused by this situation. Even husbands are sometimes shy to remind the wife of their feelings once again and to please her with beautiful compliments. The best way out of this situation is to devote to tears tender poems to a loved one and tell about your emotions and sensations in exquisite poetic lines. “I love you and really miss you”, “You are the most beautiful”,“I need you” - these win-win phrases exist in almost every work related to poetic love lyrics. Such poems can be recited to the lady by heart, sent as a letter or sent to your phone as an SMS, adding wishes of good morning or good night. No woman will remain indifferent to such touching signs of attention, and your personal relationships will not only strengthen, but also become tinged with sensuality and romance.


You are beautiful, like no one in the world.
And your eyes always shine,
You look just like a lady.
To be noticeable in your talent.

Smile with your sweet smile
I tell you the pure truth.
Pull you to yourself with great force
I look at you with pride.


Gentle and sweet, the most beautiful,
Kind and honest, very interesting,
Clever and bright as sweet cherry, sweet,
Sincere, thin, like a bird, ringing.

No kin you and better.
And let clouds be in the sky
Shine the sun for me
You are my favorite!


Brilliant, bright, bright,
You are like a star in the night.
Alluring, hot, ardent,
You are like a candle flame.

Beautiful, gentle, sweet,
You're like a rose flower.
Airy, unique ...
Beloved you are my little angel.

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