Summer must-have: mineral powder for the face

Silky skin without oily shine throughout the day is possible even in summer. And here to no magic spells, enough to stock up on high-quality mineral powder. Why and on what means you should pay attention - read in our review!

Why should you prefer mineral powder?

Mineral powder is a completely organic product that does not create problems, but solves them. Cosmetic components do not clog pores, do not provoke the appearance of inflammations, do not accelerate aging, but, on the contrary, fight against these "side effects" of poor-quality cosmetics.

The consistency of the mineral powder is friable, and the composition contains only useful ingredients that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, seboregulating, protective, masking and bactericidal properties: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, boron nitride, diamond powder, iron oxide, aluminosilicates. Manufacturers add precious and semiprecious metals and stones to some mineral powders: citrine, aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst, ruby, emerald, etc.It is they who give the skin a beautiful natural glow without an oily sheen. The composition of the mineral powder should not include any preservatives, oils, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, waxes, dyes and other harmful components.

Unlike ordinary powder, mineral lays down with a thin, transparent, almost weightless layer, without clogging up the pores and allowing the skin to breathe. Despite its invisible covering, the tool perfectly masks the flaws, making it very natural: the effect of the mask on the face is not created, which is often the case with other tonal means. Mineral powder is absolutely suitable for any skin, adapting to its properties: dry will have additional moisture, oily - elimination of excess sebum, sensitive skin - protection from irritations. Most importantly, in the summer, this powder reliably fixes makeup, does not allow it to "float", regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and does not allow the skin to shine like an oily pancake.

Mineral powder does not require applying any fluids, correctors, primers, concealers and tones in front of it - it can be used as an independent remedy over cleansed face skin.By the way, a cosmetic product can be used even after salon cleansing and peeling - it will not cause any irritations and inflammations.

As a rule, mineral powder is different crumbly consistency, but recently manufacturers have produced compressed options so that you can fix makeup outside the house. Such powder also should not contain harmful ingredients, only caring minerals.

Top 7 Mineral Powders for Summer

Mineral Powder Foundation, Make Up Factory

One of the favorite mineral powders of professional makeup artists. Firstly, it is very economical. Secondly, its price is quite democratic, and in terms of characteristics and properties, this beauty product is in no way inferior to luxury and more expensive professional powder. Thirdly, using the tool you can create the most natural makeup without the use of additional tonal products. Mineral Powder Foundation - and powder, and the basis in one jar. It perfectly aligns the color, tone and surface of the skin, gives it a haze, protects against UV rays of spectrum A and B - ideal for summer and holidays in hot countries.You can be 99% sure that the face will not shine from the heat all day long, and due to the plasticity of the mineral particles, the powder not only masks the inflammation, but also hides mimic wrinkles.

Mineral Powder Mineral Powder Foundation, Make Up Factory

Mineral Powder Mineral Powder Foundation, Make Up Factory (1 090 rub.)

Skin Illusion, Clarins

The main component of this powder is white tea from Fujian Mountain. It is distinguished by an abundance of flavonoids in the composition, which protect the skin from free radicals. The texture of the powder is very pleasant, and the consistency is small, like flour, which helps to distribute it ideally over the skin, forming a velvety veil that looks like a foundation. By the way, a rather dense brush comes with powder, with which it is convenient to shade a tool, completely excluding the “island cover”. Powder has a sweetish, subtle fragrance, perfectly masks the imperfections of the skin and well regulates the production of sebum even in the summer heat. The tool is distinguished by its ability not to become clogged in the pores, not to emphasize wrinkles and not to roll into folds, as many powders do. The only minus that can be noted: talc is present in the composition, which is avoided in mineral bases.But this minus significantly overlaps the pluses, so you can forgive Clarins this little mistake.

Mineral powder Skin Illusion, Clarins

Mineral powder Skin Illusion, Clarins (1 710 rub.)

Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder, Clinique

Powder, developed in the Clinique laboratories specifically for people who have problems in the form of unpredictable inflammation and redness, including rosacea. The tool does not just mask imperfections, but provides gentle care and helps to solve problems. The organic components (caffeine, grapefruit, magnolia bark extract and cocoa-like fungus) and minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium) instantly soothe the skin, instantly improve its appearance, for the whole day giving a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and comfort . Daily use of the product reduces the appearance of redness by almost 60%. Powder is ideal for people with oily, combination and sensitive skin. After application, the powder literally melts and merges with the skin tone, providing an invisible and weightless coating. Produced in compressed form and has a comfortable brush that helps to correct makeup in any place and at any time.

Mineral Powder Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder, Clinique

Mineral Powder Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder, Clinique (2 300 rub.)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, M.A.C.

The most delicate powder, which literally dissolves on the skin, creating a matte effect with a light glow (thanks to the pearlescent pigments included in the composition). The product is not friable, but compressed, which is very convenient: you can take it anywhere with you, so that throughout the day you can fix makeup. The composition of the powder - minerals and vitamin E, which provides a moisturizing and regenerating effect. In the palette of 15 shades, so the product can be matched to absolutely any skin color. Powder does not clog up in the folds, does not emphasize peeling and does not aggravate imperfections - everything is exactly the opposite: it will mask any defects, plus perfectly fix makeup and eliminate greasy shine. The only drawback that many people point out: it’s not very convenient to use it as a stand-alone tool, you should definitely put a tonal base in front of it, a highlighter, or at least a primer.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Mineral Powder, M.A.C.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Mineral Powder, M.A.C. (2 450 rubles).

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation, Becca

Many make-up artists consider this powder a “queen” among mineral coatings, and this is no accident. The Becca brand has long been a strong competition for professional brands such as M.A.C.and Make Up Factory, and all thanks to the excellent properties of the cosmetics they produce. The Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation creates skin that has just been photoprocessed, but without special programs and superfilters: the tool hides mimic wrinkles, perfectly masks inflammation and redness, does not create a mask effect, does not dry and fits the possessor of sensitive skin. Coverage due to powder provides weightless, silky, transparent and airy - on the skin it does not feel at all, and when you look in the mirror in detail, you do not see. The water resistance of the product is stunning, it does not suffer from rain, pool and sea, but despite this, there are no problems with washing: the powder is perfectly washed off with a liquid to remove makeup.

Mineral Powder Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation, Becca

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation Mineral Powder, Becca (3,600 rubles)

Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation, ArtDeco

Shining and fresh skin in the summer is available thanks to mineral powder from ArtDeco. It creates a velvety and light coating, gives the face an even tone, protects the skin from UV rays. This powder is packed in a convenient compact package and easy to use. As part of - minerals that fight with the appearance of inflammation and skin drying; Echinacea extract that provides deep hydration andmaintains the natural moisture balance in the cells; vitamin E and rosemary extract, which protect delicate skin from free radicals. The price of the drug is quite democratic for mineral powder, it is consumed sparingly, it is easy to shuffle. Well hides not only inflammations, but also rosacea, pigment spots and other pronounced problems. Allergy powder does not cause, is perfect for any skin type and regulates the production of sebum for 12 hours.

Mineral Powder Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation, ArtDeco

Mineral powder Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation, ArtDeco (1 073 rub.)

Idyllic Mineral Loose Powder, GA-DE

Light, crumbly, natural powder, like silk, envelops the skin, hides imperfections and provides high-quality care. It consists of a whole mineral complex, as well as particles of jade, amethyst and malachite, which have absorbent, antioxidant and healing properties. After the application of the product, the skin changes directly before the eyes - it becomes smooth, silky, smooth, monochromatic. Powder perfectly keeps during the whole day, it is not showered, does not roll down, does not become clogged, and, therefore, does not emphasize wrinkles. Deposing the product in the morning on the skin, you can forget all day that you need to correct makeup: it will be firmly fixed and will not flow, even if it is +35 degrees outside.This powder is the perfect "companion" for summer holidays in hot countries.

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