Summer clay craft

Summer clay craftis the theme of our cognitive and creative pursuits. Blue clay is a unique natural developing material for children. If there is an opportunity to purchase it in the conditions of urban life, then do not even think about it - get it.

Clay will dissolve in water, may be harder and softer, from it you can construct various forms and so on!

 crafts made of blue clay

crafts made of blue clay

Some parents, who independently conduct classes with children, for some reason do not consider the world around them as an important subject, and throw all their strength into studying arithmetic, writing and reading. But this is not entirely correct. It is necessary to tell modern children about the world around them, they will not be able to know it without the help of adults, because their life schedule is strikingly different from the one that was before. They do not spend whole days on the street, they do not have the opportunity to observe natural phenomena and animals.

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