Stylish design options stairs in the house (12 photos)

Who and when the first thought of making the stairs is still unknown, the history of its invention goes deep into history, however, today it is difficult to imagine how you can do without such a convenient and functional element of the home interior.

With each epoch, something new and unusual was introduced into the design and construction of the staircase, over time, their production became a very profitable occupation, which, in principle, remains to this day. If you are a happy owner of a multi-storey building, then, most likely, you will rather quickly have a question of choosing a ladder, because today there is simply no end to the diversity of its forms!

The staircase in the house is the centerpiece of any design, because it can be said to rule the ball, fulfilling the important mission of a key figure, naturally, if it is entrusted with a ceremonial role.

Front stair constructions are usually located in the hall or in the living room, it is on them that the distribution of functional areas of the room, the arrangement of furniture and the whole interior, in general, depend.The design, size and location of the grand staircase must be thought out in advance, preferably at the development stage of your home or cottage.

In addition to the front doors, there are also minor staircases, usually they have a less prominent role, and therefore they are often deprived of complex decor and located in the attic, basement rooms or even outside the house.

What are the stairs?

Naturally, before you decide on what particular staircase to live in your house and take your key role there, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the possible options and ideas, photos of which can be found on the Internet in the thousands.

There are several main types of stairs to the floor: firstly, they are single-fly, double-wing or multi-fly. They are a continuous series of steps that, in the case of multi-marb structures, can be separated by spans. The most spectacular are multi-marsh variations, decorated with columns, statues, balustrades and swing spans.

Secondly, the stairs are screw. In fact, these are constructions in which there are no marches, and the whole staircase is a single rapid flight.

It is the screw variants that are the most unusual and diverse, their specific form allows you to literally “twist” the interior around you, they look almost like classics, especially in wooden design.

Screw species, of course, even though they look interesting, take up less space than marching, however, are uncomfortable for frequent ascents, so they are usually placed in country houses than in those in which they live permanently.

The materials of which make the stairs

A very important point when planning such an element of home interior is the choice of material, because it will largely determine the future design, both of the design itself and of your home as a whole.

Wooden staircases remain unshakable classics, in the classic version valuable wood is used, it can also be combined with other materials. The most durable and durable are the stairs of their metal or reinforced concrete.

Their lifespan is about 50 years, combined metal and multi-colored glass constructions look particularly original and modern. In this case, for example, railings can be made of sparkling aluminum.

Glass stairs harmoniously fit into the interior of high-tech, modern or minimalist style, especially if the steps are attached to the wall in a special way, and the design itself soars in the air!

The only ones to whom such stairs may not be suitable are families with small children or elderly people, since they are not always comfortable in lifting. Glass, in such cases, is usually used tempered or laminated, but acrylic glass is considered to be the most durable and at the same time lightweight.

If you decide to make steps of stone, the most preferred rocks are granite and quartzite, which are characterized by a long service life, as well as a high degree of strength.

Design room with a staircase

It doesn't matter if you decide to do the stairs yourself, or you will order from the masters, first you need to imagine how your room will look like a whole, and only after that start working.

Most often, the staircase structures are installed in the hall or living room and, since they are quite massive, they have a strong influence on the overall look of the room. Stairs of light tone can greatly lengthen the room, add lightness to it.But classical wooden stairs, best of all, fit into the room, where all the basic elements meet a common style: doors, windows, floors, arches and so on.

If space allows you, you can install beautiful forged rails that are easily installed on any surface (concrete, wood, brick, etc.), increasing the beauty and sophistication of the room. Such rails can be given any shape and size, starting from the simplest solutions, ending with complex curvilinear constructions that look simply delicious!

If you place a staircase in the living room, and the space is very limited, then an elegant glass spiral staircase that literally winds along the wall will be an ideal option. No matter what material you use for the main structure, special attention is always paid to the railing.

In addition to forged, they can be made of glass, wood, stone and even plastic, which is especially harmonious with modern minimalist dwellings.

How to use the space under the stairs? Depending on the kind of design itself, you can come up with a huge variety of options,starting from a banal pantry or dressing room for outerwear, ending with a small work area with a computer, children's corner or even an improvised “room” for a pet.

In addition, a sufficiently capacious storage system can always be constructed under the staircase design. It always has a place for storing boxes with tools, lockers for needlework and other home trivia.

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