Stylish and beautiful hair hoops

Hair is a business card of any woman. And so that they look original, attractive and stylish, you can use various accessories. One of them is a hoop.

Who is suitable?

The hair band is a practically universal accessory, as it suits absolutely everyone, of course, if you pay due attention to the choice and wear it correctly. So if you still do not have a bezel, by all means purchase it!

How to choose?

To make the hoop look stylish and beautiful, it is important to choose the right one.

Some useful tips:

  • Design and appearance. If you choose an accessory for special occasions, it can and should even be bright and chic, for example, with large flowers or stones. If you need a daily hoop, then pay attention to simple and concise models.
  • Colour. Here again, it all depends on the purpose of the accessory. For example, if you just want to clean your hair at school or at work, then select a rim of some classical or reserved color, for example, white, beige, gray or black.If you do not want the accessory to stand out, pick it up to your hair color. If you, on the contrary, want to emphasize or frame your hairstyle, choose a model of a contrasting color. Headbands of bright colors look bright on dark curls, and dark accessories look bright on light ones. If you want to make the image vivid, then select a saturated hue hoop.
  • Width. As a rule, thin hoops look more romantic and feminine, but they are combined with almost any style of clothing. But they rather perform a decorative function. It is the thin rims worth choosing girls with short hair. But the wide bezel is able to hold the curls and fix them. But such models are more suitable for owners of long or medium hair.
  • The shape of the face. Since a properly selected accessory can eliminate some defects, remember a few important points. If you have an oval face, then you can afford absolutely any model. If you have a round face, then it is advisable to choose a hoop with some volumetric detail, for example, with a flower or a bow. If you have rough facial features and a rather sharp chin, then pay attention to models with large beads, pigtails or interesting weaving.If you have a heavy and voluminous chin, then a volumetric and wide hoop will help to balance it a little and to divert attention.
  • Hair features. If you have very thick and tough hair, choose a wide bezel. If the curls, on the contrary, are deprived, then a bezel with frequent teeth, which will lift the strands at the very roots, will help give it.
  • Comfort. The hoop should not squeeze the head. But at the same time he should fit snugly to the hair and hold them.
  • Material. Plastic is soft but not durable. Metal is durable, but stiff and can irritate the skin behind the ears. But you can easily change the shape of the rim. The rubber is flexible and malleable, and also does not cause irritation.

Fashion trends

The most fashionable hair hoops and their features:

  • In 2015, the retro models that our mothers wore are very relevant. It would seem that a thin plastic wrap looks rather boring, but if you add it with another bright accessory, for example, a rubber band with a flower or a hairpin with a bow, then the image will become interesting and bright.
  • Topical beautiful and elegant hoops with stones, and preferably large, shiny, iridescent and bright.But such an accessory will be appropriate only in special cases.
  • Do you want something unusual, bold and original? Pay attention to the rims with spikes. Such a mischievous and simultaneously feminine brutality is now in vogue.
  • In the trend headbands with flowers. Moreover, they can literally fill the entire hoop, making it look like a wreath. Such an accessory will make the hoop romantic and feminine.
  • Headbands with various metal elements, for example, chains (both large and small and intertwined), forged parts are actual.
  • Romantic and brightly look hoops with beads. If you choose pearls, your hair will look elegant, and you will become a real style icon.
  • Ribbons are widely used to decorate hoops. It can be a wide satin ribbon, let out on the surface of the rim, or an interesting and bright large bow.
  • When choosing an accessory for a party or meeting with friends, pay attention to models decorated with rhinestones. They shine and shimmer in any light, so that you will definitely be in the spotlight.
  • Feathers look extravagant and very bold.

How to wear?

There are a variety of hairstyles with hoops. We offer several ways to wear this accessory:

  • If your face has the correct shape, and the forehead is not too wide, then dissolve the hair, comb it back and put on the bezel.
  • Make a high ponytail and put on a hoop. But this hairstyle is also suitable only for owners of regular and soft features.
  • Gather the hair at the crown in the tail and put on the headband, but leave the side strands released. This version of socks will visually expand the face and make its features softer.
  • Make the hair on the top of the head, comb it all back and fix it with a rim, fixing the entire structure with varnish. This hairstyle will visually stretch the face.
  • Separate the strand from the forehead, remove the rest of the hair back with a hoop. Stir up the left curl and fix it with varnish.
  • If you have a bang, then you can leave it, removing all other hair under the bezel.
  • Part and part with a bezel. Let the side strands fall on him.
  • Make a parting and low tail. Put on the hoop so that part of the hair remains above the ears, that is, in front of the rim.
  • Make a stuffing in the frontal part and put the bezel on the line of connection of the frontal and crown zones.
  • Twist the hair and put on the bezel with bright detail, without removing the strands.
  • Make a side parting, remove all the hair behind the ears, but where there will be more, arrange it freely, that is, let it out a little because of the ear. Put on the bezel, placing it behind the ears and about 5 centimeters from the forehead.

Let your hair style be stylish and bright!

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