Style Tips for any age

Imagine if you had a girlfriend much older than you, who worked for a long time in a fashion magazine, would you seek her advice on your own wardrobe? Most likely, yes, and her recommendations would probably prove to be even more valuable to you than the columns of the current 25-year-old glossy editors, who recently took over their post and are now trying to explain to everyone how to dress. That’s what the British edition of The Telegraph did - it asked for a variety of adult women who in the past worked or even still work in the fashion industry as journalists and stylists, buyers, designers and even the founders of the world-famous online boutiques to give advice yourself at a young age and tell you about your own discoveries in fashion that changed their idea of ​​shopping and style.

Know your color scheme

Each season new and new shades fall into the palette of fashion magazines and boutiques, for which even special names are invented: they say powdery is not beige at all, and bright green has nothing to do with emerald and khaki in military style.To get lost in these colorful innovations is easy, but still not worth it. The sooner you decide on your color scheme, the more harmonious will be your relationship with your own wardrobe, and the process of selecting combinations will be much easier.

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