Stress test: check how you cope with the stressful situation


Examine the level of stress, that is, your psychological ability to cope with a stressful situation.

You will need:

  • a large piece of paper (A4); on paper with a pencil you have to draw a house, as in the picture
  • pencil and pen
  • mirror size not less than your picture

The task

Test "Mirror and Home"

Put a mirror in front of the picture. And now, above the pencil drawing, draw the same lines with a pen, looking only in the mirror. It is impossible to look at the drawing itself. The time of the task is not limited.

The test should be carried out no more than once every six months, otherwise the probability of distortion of the results increases.

Analysis of results

  1. You passed the test to the end, performed the task calmly and confidently, did not stop its implementation. Errors, there are no mistakes in the figure.Excellent resistance to stress!Keep it up!
  2. You passed the test to the end, performed the task calmly and confidently.In the picture there are errors, blots. There were a hitch during the passage of the "maze".Low stress and good resistance to stress.
  3. The task is completed to the end, but there are a lot of errors, blots. When performing a task, you reacted emotionally, you had vegetative reactions (for example, sweating, flushing of the face, goosebumps, pulsation in the head, rapid heartbeat).Average stressogenicity and average resistance to stress.
  4. The test passed with great tension, with emotional and vegetative reactions. In drawing a lot of errors and blots.High stress and low stress resistance.
  5. Test you failed. You refused to do the task, leaving him halfway through.Severe state of stress. Even simple tasks take you out of your resting state.

Test "Clipping"


Examine your actions in a critical situation.

The task

Test "Clipping"

The picture shows a man and a cliff. Save the man, do not let him fall. Finish what you think is necessary.

Analysis of results

Tell me, what happens in the picture? The main character jumps or falls?

Ifmain character, In your,voluntarily jumped off a cliff, this shows your determination, perseverance, usually you have a lot of energy to solve a particular problem. If you do not have a lot of time, you prefer to act rather than meditate.

If you thought thata man fallsThis means that you are patient and, moreover, indecisive. You prefer to shy away from active actions or expect that all problems will resolve themselves.

What did you finish with a man as a means of saving life?

Tight blanket, trampoline, high soft grass, tree branchestestify to your foresight and prudence. You almost do not get into critical situations, because in your mind you calculate all the variants and stages of the situation development in advance. Even if you miss something, there is always a way out of this situation in your head.

If you converted a cliff intoHill, thereby suspended the fall of a person, this indicates your high level of leadership. You can manage groups and lead people. In a critical situation, you usually do not get lost and do everything to turn negative into positive.

If below you have drawnman with arms outstretchedready to catch a falling one, this is evidence of your indiscretions and extreme gullibility. In a critical situation, you are ready to trust anyone who happens to be nearby. You do not know how to get out of problems on your own and are always looking for an assistant. But since you are very trusting, you are often betrayed and let down.

If you painted on a personparachute, wings, rope and equipment for bungee jumping or zipline, it testifies to your sharp mind and ability to find excellent ways out of a difficult situation.

If under the person you have portrayedpond (sea, lake, river), this indicates your preference for "go with the flow." It often happens that you yourself bring the situation to a critical one and do nothing to resolve it. You give up when you need to act and “strike while the iron is hot.”

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