Strengths and weaknesses of the signs of the zodiac

It is no secret to anyone that our character depends largely on what sign of the zodiac we were born under. The same can be said about our strengths and weaknesses, the first of which help us live, and the latter, respectively, interfere - or vice versa? We read the horoscope and draw conclusions.


(March 21 - April 20)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

The strengths of Aries

Aries are active and energetic, they do not stop in front of obstacles and can break through any wall. They are so confident in themselves that they do not even admit the thought that something will not work out for them, therefore they often win victories where nothing shines to others. Representatives of this zodiac sign can be very true, if, of course, they see that their loyalty is mutual. In addition, they easily agree with others, as they have a peculiar form of charm.

Aries weaknesses

Aries are selfish and overly proud, but they often idealize someone or something, and this results in frustration.In addition, they are impatient, jealous, suppress other people. Aries are accustomed to always be in the spotlight, so if someone takes possession of the interest of others, they consider it a personal insult and painfully experience the loss of popularity. Aries inadequately respond to criticism and do not tolerate when their faults are publicly spoken.


(April 21 - May 20)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Taurus strengths

Tauruses are extremely patient, and in order to bring them out of themselves, you need to try very hard (but if you have taken them out, beware). They are magnanimous and condescendingly forgive everyone, especially those who are weaker than them or depend on them in some way. They are incredibly practical and always know what you can benefit from and benefit from. They have a special relationship with money - material wealth loves them, so representatives of this zodiac sign rarely need anything.

Taurus weaknesses

Taurus sometimes are lazy and, if there is such an opportunity, indulge this weakness even to the detriment of close people. In addition, they are conservative, it is difficult for them to accept something new, for something innovative they have to persuade for a long time, in fact, as well as for everything with which they internally disagree.Taurus is unimaginably stubborn, and this complicates life not only for those around them, but also for themselves.


(May 21 - June 21)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Gemini's strengths

The twins are incredibly eloquent, they can slay anyone, they have no equal in oratory. In addition, they are, as a rule, so charming that they are forgiven for something that others would have long strangled. Representatives of this zodiac sign are curious and cleverly handle the information they obtain, they are observant and inventive, so they always know how to use any information and weaknesses of those around them to their advantage.

Gemini's Weaknesses

The twins are restless and inconstant, and this impedes them very much in their professional activities - they rarely stay for a long time in one place of work. They often get involved in disputes with people, next to whom you need to be silent and breathe “through time”, which also does not contribute to career advancement. In addition, representatives of this sign are not used to denying themselves anything, and this regularly creates various problems for them.


(June 22 - July 22)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Crayfish

Cancers are very perceptive, their intuition is perfectly developed, so they often feel trouble long before they happen to them.This allows representatives of this zodiac sign to avoid many problems and misunderstandings. In addition, they are, as a rule, extremely intelligent, able to deftly handle money and ensure their existence for many years to come. And still Cancers are very emotional, and if they are related to art, then this also becomes their strong point.

Weaknesses of Cancers

Raki is a people of the mood, which always reflects on what they do. In addition, they are sometimes incredibly shy, which does not allow them to actively defend their interests or say "no" to individuals who are comfortable at their neck at this moment. In addition, the representatives of this sign are very hard to get used to something new, and it is also not easy for them to let go of the past and get rid of something that they were attached to.

a lion

(July 23 - August 22)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Lviv

Lions, as a rule, are talented and almost always find the opportunity to realize their potential. In addition, the representatives of this zodiac sign are generous, which attracts people and, surprisingly, material wealth. They constantly shine with some brilliant ideas that they not only use themselves, but also generously bestow on those around them.Lions used to rely solely on themselves, which in turn makes them independent and strong. And they are very hospitable.

Weaknesses lions

Lviv has sore vanity, so they react to any insults immediately - with harsh words and insults. And although they themselves quickly calm down, those who were not lucky enough to offend them, long remember their unflattering rebuses. In addition, representatives of this sign always indulge their desires, they simply do not know how to say “no” to their loved ones, and this often negatively affects their well-being and relationships with those who are trying to limit them to something. And we are talking not only about entertainment, but also about hard work (if they like the work).


(August 23 - September 22)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Dev strengths

Virgos are extremely pedantic and attentive to details, they always look at the root and do not miss the little things that everyone else passes by. Representatives of this zodiac sign are incredible neat, they maintain order in the outer space and in their heads. They are very hardworking, for which their bosses appreciate them (but their colleagues often dislike them).And Virgos are executive, intelligent, smart enough, they never give up in the middle and strive for perfection in everything.

Dev's Weaknesses

Virgos cannot recognize someone's superiority; they constantly criticize everyone, since they consider themselves to be the ultimate truth, which, in turn, significantly complicates their relationship with others. Because of their nature, representatives of this sign regularly run up to insults, which are very hard to experience, but do not change anything in themselves, as they are sure: they are always right. In addition, the Virgin too trust everything that is written in the books, but do not put in anything people who try to give them wise advice.


(September 23 - October 22)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Libra

Scales are charming and artistic, which in turn attracts people to them, who consciously or impulsively become their voluntary assistants. In addition, representatives of this zodiac sign perfectly adapt to any circumstances, and this makes their existence, if not better, then at least easier. Libra is fair, does not like quarrels and reacts very sensitively to conflicts,therefore, they are trying to reconcile all around and willingly make concessions in order not to prolong the unpleasant situation, for which, in gratitude, they receive various benefits.

Weights of Libra

It is very hard for Scales to make decisions, they always doubt everything, they need advisers who would direct them in the right direction. Because of their indecision, they often miss opportunities, which negatively affects their self-esteem. In addition, representatives of this sign are very dependent on the opinions of others, and this constantly deprives them of their freedom of choice. And they do not know how to properly manage money, so they rarely can boast a stable financial situation.


(October 23 - November 21)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Scorpios

Scorpions perfectly feel themselves in unusual circumstances, so they often succeed where others cowardly tighten their tail and hide under the table. Representatives of this zodiac sign are gorgeous intuits and connoisseurs of human souls, which allows them to benefit from even the most dubious situations. They have no equal where you need to uncover some mystery, deftly manipulating others and overcoming dangers.And Scorpios always go to their goal, using all means of achieving it.

Scorpions Weaknesses

Scorpios are enemies to themselves. They so often reflect and engage in self-digging, that in their souls serious passions constantly rage or permanent hell reigns. Representatives of this sign do not care about the criticism of other people, they themselves and God, and the judge and the descent do not give themselves. In addition, they are very suspicious, so it’s easier for them to believe that there are enemies around than to accept someone’s good and sincere attitude.


(November 22 - December 21)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Sagittarius

Sagittarius have a persistent and cheerful character that allows them to easily overcome many difficulties. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are always open to change, so they are not afraid of changing the current reality - they know that it will be even more interesting further, therefore they don’t reflect, but simply go ahead. In addition, they willingly take under their protection the weak, and they in turn pay them not only with love and devotion, but also with more material things and quite tangible help.

The weaknesses of Sagittarius

Sagittarius - the master of impulsive actions, which often leaves them sideways. They regularly do something at first or say something and only then “turn their heads on”. However, they are also interested in stepping on the same rake, so they don’t want to change anything. In addition, representatives of this sign do not tolerate when they are objected, and this periodically complicates their relationship with those who are equal in their strength. And Sagittarius is lazy in everything that does not concern the sphere of their interests, so there are also problems with life.


(December 22 - January 19)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Capricorn strengths

Capricorns always know what they want, and they do not expect mercy from nature, but they themselves achieve their goals. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac is almost impossible to knock off the chosen course, they are prudent and hardworking, for them there are no obstacles that could not be overcome or at least circumvented. In addition, they are able to negotiate with the powerful, and even if it seems to powerful people that they themselves have decided something, Capricorns will almost always be behind their choice.

Capricorns Weaknesses

Capricorns are rather closed and not accustomed to trusting people, and if you multiply it on their sometimes overly harsh statements, you can understand that they have few friends.However, they do not really need them. In addition, the representatives of this sign are conservative and dogmatic, which in turn prevents them from accepting and using any innovative methods of achieving the goal in time. And they are too materialistic, and it does not allow them to fully enjoy life.


(January 20 - February 18)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Aquarius

Aquarius is open to everything new. They are not afraid of experiments, so while everyone else is just thinking about where and how to apply some innovative developments or innovative ideas, representatives of this zodiac sign boldly take the novelty into their own hands and use to the maximum. In addition, they have no fear of change, they can at one moment change their place of residence or work, if they feel that there will be better. And in Aquarius, the talents necessary for some specific situations wake up in a very timely manner, even if they did not even smell before.

Aquarius Weaknesses

Aquarius are maximalists to the bone, and this sometimes prevents them from living, because if one day they divide something into black and white, then it is very difficult for them to admit that things are not so straightforward.In addition, they are sometimes attacked by isolation, they do not want to see anyone, and if such periods are delayed, they can lose some of their friends. In addition, they periodically fall into laziness and apathy, and then the sofa becomes for them the best friend, and things are “firmly” frozen in place.


(February 19 - March 20)

Strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac signs

Strengths of Pisces

Fish, despite the apparent melancholy, quite active. For them, the word “must” is akin to the law, so while there is a need for some of their actions, they do not allow themselves to relax. This often helps them to achieve significant career success and provide themselves with a strong financial base. In addition, representatives of this zodiac sign have an excellent memory and excellent intuition, which in turn allows them to successfully analyze not only current, but also probable events and safely adapt to them.

Weaknesses of Pisces

The fish are not stubborn, they are stubborn. If they come to some conclusion or decision, it is impossible to convince them, even if somewhere in the depths of their souls they understand that their opponent is right and wants them only good. In addition, representatives of this sign love to worry about trifles.They can inflate the problem out of sheer nonsense and fight it bravely. And they pity everyone indiscriminately, often at the expense of themselves. In general, even if they are doing well, they do everything so that life does not seem like honey to them.

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