Storage of summer tires in winter: basic rules and life hacking

Experienced motorists are well aware that a good rubber is not a sin to invest in - a set of high-quality tires will last more than one season. But only on one condition - they will be treated correctly. None of the wheels, even the most expensive ones, will withstand improper storage or operation in inappropriate conditions.

The task of the car owner in time to change winter tires for summer and vice versa. Each set should "rest" in suitable conditions - then the tires will last a long time and safely.

How to understand that the time has come to "change the shoes"

To pull with the replacement of summer tires for winter to the first frost is not just unprofitable, but even dangerous. Already at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, it begins to lose elasticity. So it will not only serve less, but may also lead to a significant increase in the braking distance of the car. And on the roads covered with the first snow, this can turn out to be the saddest consequences.

So, when the average daily temperature drops below 10 degrees, it's time to find a place where your summer kit will "winter out."

Pay attention! You need to do everything at once - it is unacceptable to remove the tires and leave to lie down until you find a suitable place. Even a few days of storage in the wrong conditions is detrimental to tires. It is better to immediately put them on a special rack for storage of tires.

How to choose a storage location

Actually, it’s not too important where the tires will hibernate. This may be a garage or balcony, attic or storage room in the house. What matters is the observance of a number of storage conditions, which read on.

When planning wintering, the main thing that a motorist should take care of is:

  • the preservation of the shape of rubber - the slightest load, squeezing will lead to deformation, and this for the wheels actually means the end of operation, at least for responsible drivers who care about road safety;
  • room temperature - it will optimally maintain it within 10-25 degrees Celsius;
  • protection from the main enemies of rubber - moisture, sunlight, chemicals;
  • space - it is unacceptable that the rubber squeezed something, pressed.

Note! The most reliable and convenient way to store tires was and remains a car dealership, because there tires are put exclusively on special tires.

These designs are made specifically for service stations, car repair shops, car dealerships. They are designed for wheel storage and comply with the required parameters:

  • provide easy access to any pair of wheels that are located on the rack
  • have a minimum of three tiers, so that the load for each is not more than 400 kg;
  • the traverse design, due to its features, ensures guaranteed preservation of the tire shape, that is, reliably protects the products from deformation.

Trusting you to keep your tires for service stations, you can be sure of their safety, but you will have to pay for this service every season.

At home, as in the cabin

It is much more advantageous once to create optimal conditions for storing summer tires in your own garage. To do this, it is enough to free a plot of space and order a rack for storing wheels. They are made to order according to individual parameters. It is not necessary to acquire a large structure - for you build a rack on which you can place two or four pairs of wheels.

Ordering your own racking system once means that you save yourself from the constant costs of storing tires in the cabin or buying new kits in return for those that suffer from improper self storage.

Before you equip a garage with such a racking system, you should decide exactly how you plan to position your wheels. It is important to remember that the method of storage depends on the form in which the tires will hibernate:

  • rubber with discs can not be put - it is suspended or stored lying, "pile"
  • tires without wheels, on the contrary, in no case suspended, folded, and laid out in a row.

Important! Any set of tires must first be thoroughly washed, dried, marked. You can also use auto-cosmetics - it will prolong the life of rubber and serve as additional protection from the external environment.

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